Monday, June 16, 2014

The Best in a Year

So last week, I learned I had the best A1C I've had in over a year. Certainly, your first thought is this:

And while my first thought about it probably should have been something like this:

I think I looked more like this:

Wait, wut?

With everything I've had going on, recovering from my broken arm & surgery, going through the stress of returning to work, going to physical therapy and everything else, I'm actually doing better? How did this happen? I didn't feel like I did a whole lot that was terribly different or special.

So yes, I am celebrating this small victory over here, but I know there is still much to improve and a lot to think about. With some good efforts, my numbers can hopefully be a lot better, and not just one marked improvement, but a lengthy period of improvement!

I imagine that this whole thing just serves to remind me that, in the end, ultimately, I HAVE THE POWER, not diabetes.
By the power of Greyskull! (I found this via an image search and I don't know who to attribute to...)

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