Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh My Aching Ovaries

I think I may have yet another ovarian cyst that ruptured. Same symptoms today as the last ordeal that landed me in the ER.

Gynecologist is squeezing me in tomorrow morning, and she'll probably send me for an ultrasound.

I want an answer to my problems. This is the fourth time this has happened in a year.

Sure, there's a possibility it's not even my ovaries, but this has happened too many times now to continue to ignore it. It's also a problem my grandmother and my mother had. In fact, my mom is still dealing with female-hormone-related problems. Hooray for genetics.

This sucks. I'm going to use a heating pad and take a nap.


  1. I hope you feel better my friend.

    FYI-my WV is prers which sounds like "don't be scurrd I'll say prers." LOL

  2. Feel better Hannah!

  3. Ooh, no fun. Wishing you less pain and much sleep! :)

    P.S. My word verification is 'mendore'...Italian for 'mend', maybe?! I see Dean Martin singing it a la 'Volare'...!)

  4. Ack! That sounds dreadful :( If you need extra ovaries, mine are avaialble. They're just taking up real estate in there that would be better spent on chocolate chip cookies.

    I hope you feel better!

  5. Dear goodness that sucks!

    I hope you feel better soon...slep well dude.

  6. I am sad to hear your story... hope you will be okay soon.....

  7. Did you find out what it was? If the gyno doesn't suggest should ask for an interior ultrasound. That's what they did with me and it gave them a little more information that helped them treat it (mainly by switching me to a WAY stronger birth control pill). Hope you're feeling better!


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