Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bits, Pieces, Videos, Web Comics!

Tidbits of the Day:

Have you signed the Google Doodle Petition for World Diabetes Day? If not, please click this button to see what it's all about. A Google Doodle would be an excellent way to raise awareness about the Big D, and it would be even more effective and less lame than a car ribbon magnet:

The button will stay in my sidebar until we get like a zillion signatures. Please consider it. And you don't have to donate anything if you don't want to--ignore the petition website if it asks you.

Speaking of making people more aware of your diabetes, are you a young person? Say anywhere from your teens to your late twenties? Do you have a diabetes-related message for our future president or the whole world? The Young Voices: Life with Diabetes contest needs your video submissions! For every video submitted, Novo Nordisk will donate $10 to the JDRF, up to $25,000. Selected videos will be shown on World Diabetes Day in New York City at an event held in the ESPN Center. Go here to find out more.

Now the only action you must take is to laugh your pants off. And I order you to laugh your pants off. I love when you can tell that a webcomic is written by someone who either has diabetes or is close to someone with diabetes. I have not yet read any of the other Saturday Matinee comics, but this one was sent to me by Carrie this morning on Facebook, and it made my entire day. I just put the up the tiny pic as a preview. Please click here and check it out--trust me, it will give you a new way of thinking about sneaking in carbs around your buddies. Mmmm. Ice cream. Oh my gosh, there's an ice cream place that I can walk to from my new house. I guess it helps me use my insulin more efficiently if I have to walk a block and a half to get a dish of chocolate peanut butter cup, right?

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  1. This is AWESOME! Thanks for posting this.



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