Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's A Pump!

So far, I love this lil guy! Of course, it's been less than 12 hours, but still. I delivered a lunch bolus and a correction in no time flat. This thing is, to quote Nigel after telling him about the quickness of the delivery, the "speed metal of insulin pumps"! Rock and roll!!


  1. ROCK ON!!!! Sweet Pump Hannah!

  2. Rock & Roll indeed. Welcome to the Cozmo family. Do you know you get little holiday gifts? For Halloween I got some highlighters and a coloring page. For getting the pump, I got a free hat!

  3. Aren't these new gadgets fun? And personalized, too. I love it!


  5. I'm glad you like the Cozmo. I love the ability to tell it to give slowly( I have it set at 4 minutes). Have you decided if you're going to use the cozmonitor?

  6. George--Thanks!

    Jillian--Prezzies? Really? I certainly hope so.

    Donna--It's great being able to adjust so many things. I felt a little nervous about it at first, but now I think I'm just excited.

    Kelly--*does a dance with you*

    Jen--For now, it's a no on the Cozmonitor, just because I have so many OneTouch test strips laying around, and I'm pretty happy with my meter. However, I'm thinking of how convenient it will be for something like a fancy occasion where I only want to carry a little handbag. Lipstick, test strips, lancing device--it'll fit in a nice clutch!

  7. wicked pump! definitely love that is says dorkabetic right on its face. awesome.

    glad you're having so much fun!

  8. Hannah, that's an excellent choice. :-)

    I love the Cozmo. There's so much control with this pump. Even after 6+ months it surprises me with cool features/reminders.

    Enjoy pumping.


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