Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mini's Last Stand

Where have I been? I haven't updated in a few days.

I've been...

1.) interviewing for jobs
2.) getting my taxes done
3.) running a ton of errands
4.) playing too much Animal Crossing: Wild World on Nintendo DS (anybody wanna visit each other's towns?)
5.) trying to figure out where that funky smell in the living room/dining room is coming from.
6.) getting ready to start on my Cozmo!

That's right, tomorrow is Training Day (with Gary, not with Denzel)! 9am, I'll be in Gary's office with a bagful of Cozmo stuff, ready to learn and start anew. It came on Monday, all shiny and blue in its brightly colored box. The user's manual is a lot bigger than I was expecting. I am still not sure if I'll be using the CozMonitor along with it, but I do have the RF adapter for the computer and the CozManager software, but I think Gary has something else I can use in the software department. We'll see what he says tomorrow. I am completely thrilled that I will finally be able to deliver the correct boluses, basal rates, and carb ratios without having to do math in my head or whip out a calculator!

Why? Minimed only has boluses up to 25 units, and carb ratios are only as low as 1 unit :3 grams. My carb ratio is currently 1:2.5 (resistant much? moi?), so you can see why I have some issues.

My poor Minimed is not going down without a fight, however. Three 'No Delivery' alarms yesterday for no reason. I think he knows something's up. I haven't let on that he's being replaced--hopefully he can't read! Me and my ol' pump pal have had a great 4 year run. Now it's time for the new kid to step up to the plate. I have nothing against Medtronic Minimed. I've been satisfied with their products until their ideas of what were good amounts/ratios no longer fit with my own body's needs.

I kind of compare it to someone saying, "Hey, you can keep driving that ol' Saturn of yours around town, or we could give you this nice new Honda Civic Hybrid for no charge!"

I just wish the deal came with an actual Civic Hybrid. Oh well--my little Saturn is still my chariot.

Can't wait to update you all on the NEW PUMP SITUATION! Woo hoo!

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  1. Hope Training Day Rocked The Body Rock!


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