Friday, April 11, 2008


I should be cleaning right now. My father- and brother-in-law are coming tonight for a visit, and the place, as usual, is kind of a wreck. Instead, I shall procrastinate because I haven't blogged enough this week, as I've mentioned previously.

I've had 3 job interviews this week alone, with three more next week and one the following Monday. I am one in-demand lady! You know, sometimes my worries about the job search seem silly, like, "What if I'm asked to take more than one of these jobs, and then I have to make a decision? What if I can't decide? What if neither of them is good? What if both of them are great?" Matt says I need to stop worrying, because really, all of those are good things. I tend to agree, but I'm a worrier by nature.

I don't want to say too much about anything right now, but I will say that a lot of the jobs I'm interviewing for seem pretty decent, and one sounds like a dream job. But of course, how many other dream jobs have I not gotten in the past few months. You see my dilemma. Everybody just think positive things for me! Gooooo dream job! Really, it sounds so great that if on the off chance I'd land another job first, then have it offered to me later, I'd leave the first job.

I can only hope it would be that good. I haven't met with the company yet.

My new pump is awesome so far. I think today I may have to put in a new cartridge. All that practicing yesterday at Gary's lost me several units of insulin, but thankfully, it was the office's, not anything that I paid for! I am using Apidra in it at the moment. As Gary tends to do, he presented me with the opportunity to use it, and I said, "Sure, I'll try it!" I'm somewhat experimental like that. I think I am loving the Cozmo already because it makes me more conscious of what I'm doing.

The MiniMed had a manual bolus option that I think I was abusing. Too often I was guessing how much insulin I'd need for a meal, or even worse, I'd guess that my blood sugar was high on feeling alone and I'd bolus a bit. I realize now that I think I spent more time than I was aware of thinking, "Pick a number! Any number!" The Cozmo forces me to bolus based on only carbs and corrections. Plus, knowing how flexible my dosing options are means I don't feel like occasionally ignoring my snacks. So what if I need a huge bolus? I have the convenience of being able to deliver it all at once. I have options on how I want the bolus delivered, how long it's going to take. If I need a temp basal, I can pick from a list of temp basals with names that I give them!

Best of all, and lucky for me, my #1 support person wears the exact same pump. I can't stop raving about my Cozmo! Ack!

I best be off...the living room desperately needs picked up and the desk is buried in 2 inches of stuff. Plus, I need to go load up a cartridge and check my glucose. I hope everybody out there has a sweet weekend (ha, get it?) planned.

Come back on Monday and Raise Your Voice!


  1. Oh, I hate cleaning, too! I put it off until I can't stand it anymore. Unfortunatley, I'm getting more and more accustomed to the clutter.

    Good luck with the interviews. The right job for you is out there. You'll find it or it will find you. Hope it happens soon. Have a nice weekend.

  2. ok, now that your house is clean, do you want some furniture?

    Seriously. I am in flourtown today. The 'rents are moving. We have an old but in great shape Ikea sectional and a really nice oak kitchen table and chairs that need a home.

    email me at if you are interested :)



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