Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tell the Future to Stop Looming Over Me; It's Not Polite.

Has anyone here had to leave a job that they really enjoyed? What's the best way to do it? How much notice should I give them? I feel like it might be important to give them a 3-week instead of a 2-week notice.

Why am I going to leave my job? Because October 8th, my husband will be starting HIS new job--in Pennsylvania. Just when Delaware was actually feeling like home, it's time to go elsewhere.

I'll have to find a new job, new doctors, get my car registered/inspected even though I just changed everything to Delaware a couple of years ago...sigh. New drivers' license, new library card, new grocery store membership cards. New health insurance through my husband, but when will it kick in? What will they cover?

All this stress is probably wreaking havoc on my glucose levels, even if it's not immediately obvious. I am looking forward to that part being over, and it's nice to know that after we've moved, I won't have to worry about finding a job in a huge hurry. If you recall, about a year ago I was let go from my last job, and it was a few months until I found a new one. At least now, Matt will have a good job as an engineer, so we'll already have a nice budget to work with and benefits. I won't have to rush around to find any old job just to make ends meet. That's a nice feeling.

However, I've never had to leave a job I actually cared about before, and that's my problem at hand. This is a busy sales department, and I'm going to leave them just as preparations for the incredibly crazy winter holiday season begin. I don't want to leave them in the dust. What's a gal to do?

Um, in the meantime, here's the cutest sleepy kitten video ever:


  1. Hannah, I know *exactly* how you feel.

  2. Hannah, yeah moving is really "challenging" to put it positively...... Yes, it is hard. All change is hard, BUT and this is a big but you will get new experiences and see new places and meet new people and get to really know other about another state. All these new things will make you appreciate stuff more and teach you what you really like. So even if it is HARD, it is really worth it. That is what I think at least!
    Anyhow - I am sending you some good luck to help a bit!

  3. Good lord that video is funny... So comfy, so warm, I love you mommy - and I'm OUT... But not for long... So comfy, so warm, I love you mommy - and I'm OUT! Awesome.

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  5. Hi Hannah oh yes I left a job that when I gave my 2 weeks notice to my then boss I cried ! I drove school bus for kids with special needs the only problem was that the health plan that they have didnt cover any of my diabetes stuff. Still to this day when I see a school bus I still have withdrawl fits !
    Im on Tudiabetes also, T1 for 31 years.


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