Wednesday, September 5, 2007

On Fridays, we make list posts.

Matt and I visited this place on Tuesday, and it was really super. Number one on our list so far. Huge rooms, tons of closets, a washer & dryer, and a sweet patio with a roof. (Something like 1700 sq. ft.--whee!) Downside, it's a townhouse, so being connected to 2 neighbors by walls may occasionally put a damper on the band practices Matt and Nigel want to have. Upside? Everything I already mentioned, plus new carpets, big windows, and no problems with pets. (Sadako is happy about this, even if she doesn't know it yet.) Also an upside, there appears to be a small hospital with lots of doctors' offices nearby.

Have I mentioned that my main apprehension about moving is that I have to get all new doctors? At least being in the Philly 'burbs, I will be closer to Gary Scheiner's spiffy diabetes education office. In my quest to finally say that my diabetes is under control, maybe they can give me the help I've been looking for. I will miss Nancy the Nurse Practitioner, however. Speaking of Nancy, I go to see her again on Monday. I think I'll have at least a little progress to show her. My personal goal for this week was small...remember to take Symlin with lunch AND dinner. So far, it's been a success, so I think next week I'll set a slightly loftier goal. No idea yet what that will be.

Oh! But this was a post about houses! This place is fancy, and sounds huge (like, over 2000 sq. ft. huge):

It's further from the greater Philadelphia area, but it would make Matt's commute to work a lot shorter. It would make Nigel's quite a bit longer. And as for me, well, it depends if I could find work nearby or not. Sigh. However, it's $100 bucks a month less to rent than the place above. We are hoping to go visit it tomorrow, and we may take that other place for a second spin tomorrow as well.

It's strange--I was worrying about quitting my job, and now it seems like the personnel around here are dropping like flies. One person needs to go get surgery, another one is getting a job closer to her home, and a third today was taken to the hospital. Sounds like another surgery on the horizon. Two weeks or so from now, when I make my announcement, I hope things have settled a bit. I don't want anyone thinking I'm jumping ship.

Keep watching for updates. I'm considering a little layout tweaking, I need to add a zillion more links/blogs, and I plan on adding a World Diabetes Day banner, much like Nicole has done. In the meantime, have a pleasantly awesome weekend.

Let's hope one of these aforementioned pads can become my future home. *Squeal!*

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  1. Hey Hannah!

    Gary's practice rocks. Even if you don't live nearby he does a lot of e-mail/telephone stuff too...


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