Friday, July 13, 2007

Dorkie's First Award

See that there in all its pink, girly glory? That's my first EVER bloggin' award! Nicole is the raddest and passed it along to me. Yes, this thing is going all over the internets...Kerri has one too. But the job is to receive it, be gracious, and then pay it forward. So big huge thanks to Mademoiselle Pukeface (lol, she'll understand), and now, some attention for the rest of the blogword:

over at The Nefariouspoo of Sarah is someone to admire. She juggles 8759374 different tasks in her life, or so it seems, not the least of these things being her own diabetes and caring for her son with Autism. Then, she blogs about them and is still a down-to-earth person. Whew!

Speaking of paying it forward, this post from Minnesota Nice of PurpleHaze puts things in perspective, I think. She's another award winner here, because I think her posts give everyone with diabetes insight. Even if things don't turn out perfect, she shows us our lives can be full, grand, and maybe just what we'd like them to be.

And the non-d's (at least that I know of):

Go Fug Yourself.
Oh my God, I do love me some Hollywood fashion faux pas. Once in a while the commentary is irritating, but this is the ultimate collection of "what was she THINKING?" celebrity outfits.

And because no Dorkabetic awards are complete without something totally dork-tastic, I would like to award Grammar Girl. Quick tips for those of us who are writing-obsessed, or those of us too busy to read the whole Strunk & White guide if we need to do something for work. My grammar is probably far from perfect, but DO NOT get me started on improper uses of the apostrophe. Please visit Apostrophe's a picture of my everyday nightmares.

So that's that. Let's see...other matters to attend to...I owe Nicole something else. Since in theory, we are starting up the Diabetes OC Roller Derby Team, I promised some roller derby names for myself. Here's a list, including the diabetes-themed names.

Minnie Med
Insa Lynn
Hard-Hearted Hannah
Mrs. McDeathblow

I think I'll go with the latter. Woo hoo! Tonight, good things like dinner and a movie. Date night with my hubby!

Tomorrow may be a little more trying. Going to visit my mom at my aunt's house. My uncle, their younger brother, is ill. Not quite sure what he has, but it's not good. He's not himself at all, and he's having spells where he's losing time. He's probably only 47. We don't know what's going on. They're getting together to talk about it, and Matt and I are going to see them. More on that situation when I know more.

I hope everyone has a fantastically awesome weekend!


  1. Mrs. McDeathblow. Classic. AWESOME.... Just like you. :)

    Yeah, I bought a red dress with a great print on it this weekend - and then I bought a pair of yellow pumps to go with it for $5.00 - I thought you'd approve.

  2. Hannah,
    I have not been able to comment on yours or Super George's blogs for the last 5 days.
    Congratulations on the award and many thanks for passing it on to me.
    And, to be included with my neighbor up the interstate, MileMaster Sarah, was wonderful.
    In honor of being a Rockin'Blogger, I've painted my toenails red (had to digdeep for that bottle, but I found it).


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