Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Funnies

I promise a better post later, like one about how Nicole P. gave me an award and it rocks, my visit to the gyne-chiatrist (not too much info, I promise, don't go running off now), and all the troubles I've seen.

In the meantime, here's a list of random thoughts:

1. Just caught one of my bosses listening to some kind of contemporary opera music. Not any kind of strange thing, but it's just funny considering this guy is so Italian he already looks like a Soprano. Don't mess with him. I'd be willing to bet money he's got Mafia relatives.

2. Poetry reading tonight! Just like every Wednesday, but I'm just excited. We had a really great reading 2 weeks ago, and we have a TV crew coming tonight to tape a promo airing on a local access show.

3. The Leech is making me nuts. Nuts I tell you! My roommate hugged one of his friends who happens to be a girl, and The Leech blew up in his face! She slammed his door, and from his account, proceeded to argue with him for half an hour about how much his contact with other people "really upsets" her. It was a 2-second hug. Why does Nigel continue to date this girl? And furthermore, why does SHE think she can handle the trip to Austin with us for a week? I refuse to let her ruin anyone's good time, but I can see it now...

Poetry Fan: Wow, Nigel, is it? I loved your poem. Do you have a book I can buy?
Nigel: Yeah, it's $3 or I'll trade for yours.
Poetry Fan: Here's 3 bucks. Will you sign it?
Nigel: Yeah, okay! (signs: Thanks for rockin', Nigel B.)
Poetry Fan: Thanks, dude. See ya 'round! Bye!
The Leech: WHAT was THAT?
Nigel: What?
The Leech: That girl. She wanted your attention. I'm not happy about this. *sulks for the next 3 hours*

GAH, no. Sometimes I think if she tries to kill the National Poetry Slam fun for us, we'll just leave her in Austin. Right under the Largest Urban Bat Colony in America.

4. Must. Make. Endo. Appointment. I've been putting it off for way too effing long. Tomorrow, I call Nurse Practicioner Nancy and hope for a slot in the next couple of weeks. I'll need a letter to make sure I can get all my supplies to Austin without any trouble from airport security. Also, thanks to the account I set up over at SugarStats, I've been recording more of my blood glucose readings. Pushing buttons can make things more fun sometimes.

5. The weather has been disgusting, and now, it's pouring down outside. Instead of heat and humidity, it'll be me walking to my car an hour and a half from now in the rain with no umbrella. Sometimes you just can't win.

That's all for now. Back to work with me. I just feel more posts are in order these days. After all, now I'm an award-winning blogger. But like I said, more on that in my next post. ;)


  1. Hannah:

    Never in my life have I brought a letter from an endo with me, except the one time I went to France.

    And that was FRANCE.

    And it was two months after the War started.

    Don't worry about having a letter before you leave. They won't look at it. I have been through a ton of airports and nobody has ever said anything about my diabetes supplies.

  2. Rock on you award winner you! Congrats!

    I think Nigel needs to smack his leech right in the forehead. You know - like a V-8 commercial? POW!


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