Thursday, February 1, 2007

Urge to kill...rising...

I have been giving every correction bolus and half my food boluses with needles this week, all in the hopes that Minimed, my new health insurance, and my doctor's office could come together and solve this thing called "sending Hannah new insulin pump supplies".

Once a year, Minimed requires a new prescription from your doctor saying you need insulin pump supplies. While this took a little longer than I wanted it to last year, it's generally not a surprise. I didn't think there would be a repeat.

Oh, I was so very wrong. I am about to crack open my emergency box of infusion sets, and it's frustrating as hell. Why? Because my NEW health insurance isn't a PPO, therefore I require a referral for EVERYTHING from my primary care doctor. Unfortunately, I don't think the office staff realizes what a dire thing this is for me--everything with my new insurance has cleared. Everything with my endocrinologist's office has cleared. I am thisclose to getting the stuff I need, and this close to losing my mind, but perhaps tomorrow I should call my PCP's office--give them a piece of my mind instead.

I have to say that it's upsetting that a couple of weeks ago, I told Minimed I had about 2 weeks' worth of supplies left. The customer service person took my order and told me I should have it by January 31st. This was perfectly fine. Then there were insurance problems because my old policy hadn't cancelled yet even though my new one kicked in. Then there were problems getting ahold of my PCP's office because they insisted they didn't have anyone named Hannah McD in their system. That's because they had Hannah R in their system--my maiden name. Honestly, how many Hannahs can there be at one family medicine practice with a birthday of February 13th 1982? ARGYAARGHBARGYARGY. (Oh yeah, I'll be 25 a little less than 2 weeks from now. Yipe!)

I want my supplies! Even my pharmacy can figure out my new insurance and change my name in the same night, getting me my medication--and they have horrible customer service these days. I've talked to Josh at Minimed so many times in the past couple of weeks, I have his extension memorized. I know he's working on it...I'm glad that he keeps following up. I really don't blame Minimed for any of this, but I really wish there was a way that insurance, doctor's offices and supply companies could work in synchronization.

Because if everyone who's SUPPOSED to be keeping me well could work in harmony, then maybe my own body would be a little more harmonious. We're not even going to talk about what all this added stress does to my blood sugars. Ugh.

Oh crap. Speaking of my body and such, I still need to PayPal Allison for the OC New Me Challenge. Thank goodness I got paid this week! I should probably do that while I think of your thoughts. Share your insulin pump supply re-order horror stories.

And in case I don't get to blog before then...LET'S GO COLTS!

(Though it's far too fun to say, "daaah Bears" like on the old SNL skit...)


  1. I HATE the whole "referral" bs. I have been lucky with my pump supplies so far BUT in May will be a year on the pump so we will see how the new perscription goes.

    I am so sorry you are going through all of this. In this day and age when I can talk to several people online across the world in "real time", why is that insurance, doctors, and the rest cannot figure stuff out? Ugh!

    Good luck.

    Kill someone on your xbox, a little counterstrike always makes me feel better. just a suggestion.

  2. Bummer sauce on the supply hassle. It took me more than six months of hassles to get my pump. Everything that could go wrong, did. I assumed that after I got it getting supplies for it would be a breeze. Boy was I wrong. It was a huge ordeal. I have to re order in about another month so we'll see how it goes.

    I'm sorry your going through it with this, it's so stressful.

    I like Georges idea of playing some games to take out your aggression. Lately I have been skipping the more violent games and turning on Wii Sports or WarioWare: Smooth Moves. They help get that excess energy out at the end of the day plus they are a pretty ok low impact workout.

    Mike Barela
    The Dawn Phenomena

  3. George--Oh man, Counterstrike. Our Xbox has been modified so it's got the original on an emulator. Maybe I'll go play Mario and squish some turtles.

    Mike--Oh, if I only had a Wii. *drools* My favorite games when chilling out are actually puzzle games and word games. I was once snowed in at my husband's dorm a couple of years ago when we were both still in school (in different cities), and I spent several hours playing Bookworm online. HOURS! :)

  4. Frustrating!

    I'm sure it will all shake out soon - don't worry too much about it.

  5. Anonymous2:32 PM

    My biggest urge to kill MiniMed was when they billed me for supplies 18 months after I received them... did you catch that 18 months!!
    They had no idea why I expected them to take some money off for their horrible customer service! (But they did!)

    Oh, and my birthday is the 13th of Feb too! Exactly one year before yours!


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