Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Jason Statham's Cranked Up Cozmo

I enjoy all kinds of movies, and last night was no exception. Netflix delivered us the action fun-fest known as Crank, which features Jason Statham running all over Los Angeles like a one-man-army. All you really need to know about the basic concept is that the bad guys drugged Statham's character. If his adrenaline stops pumping, he'll die. It's sort of like Speed 3: Bodily Fluids (or...um...whatever).

There is one scene near the end of the movie where Statham's character's doctor has hooked him up to some kind of portable pumping device that's feeding epinephrine and meth into his system. He gets into a fight and a guy pulls the whole thing out.

I cringe, knowing the pain of a snagged infusion set. Owwwwww.

And then...OH and then...

The crime boss says, "What is that thing, an insulin pump?"

I kid you not.

Then, to break the audience's confusion (or to amuse the diabetics), one of the crime boss's goons says something to the effect of, "What the f*** is insulin?"

Fighting re-commences.

And now that I look at it, I realize that the movie pump looked identical to this Deltec Cozmo, except perhaps dark blue...or maybe blue and silver?

At first I figured one of the writers either had diabetes or had a close friend or family member with diabetes. Now I'm wondering if it's an odd product placement for Deltec Cozmo pumps! It's probably unlikely.

Congrats, Cozmo users. Your pump is famous.


  1. I saw this movie in the theater and Chris and I both were thinking the same thing - someone on that scriptwriting team must have know about diabetes. :)

    Unrelated note: The movie made me feel like I was on speed. The pacing was ridiculous!

  2. I wonder if that movie will come to Europe.....to spread the info around! NOBODY in Europe ever knows about or has seen an insulin pump. I have a Cozmo but NOT ONCE have I seen someone else wearing a pump..... It is a little lonely.

  3. HAHAHA!! We just rented this movie. When I saw the fat tubing sticking out from his shirt I thought he should be using an insulin pump....the tubing would be less intrusive. And then when the guy asked if that was an insulin pump I asked Jeff "How the hell did he know that was an insuling pump??"

    I think Jason is hot by the way.

  4. Ok, that now gives me 2 GREAT reasons for watching Crank. I can tell DH that its promoting pump awareness while I drool over Jason! LOL

  5. I haven't seen the movie yet but I my nephew went to see it in the theater shortly after I got my pump. He came over and told me the hero wore an insulin pump and I didn't believe him. =P

  6. Now I need to go see that movie.

  7. I did not want to see this movie but now I want too. LOL I better Suspend Master P before I watch or he will get a big head! :)


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