Sunday, January 21, 2007


A friend of mine recently was talking about having New Year's Eve all over again, just taking another night to start over. To feel like the slate is clean.

I rarely make New Year's resolutions. I generally want to avoid disappointing myself, because like many people out there, I don't keep them. For years, every year I resolve to take better care of myself, my diabetes, lose some weight, get into shape...and it just doesn't happen.

This year, I want to do something different. So here it is, going on the end of January, and I am ready to start doing better things for myself all around. Tomorrow I'm buying new sneakers. Tuesday I'm heading to the gym after work. I have to also remember to Paypal my 5 bucks to Allison over at the OC New Me Challenge. I am hoping that working out, eating better and more frequent testing will be made easier by the support of all my OCNM peers.

Let's get physical!

*puts on Olivia Newton-John 80's workout headband*

My other inspiration for getting in better shape right now? My job.

I work at a liquor distributor. I am the assistant to the sales department there, so I get to spend my days surrounded by wine, beer and liquor. I'm not a huge drinker, but I like a little now and then, so it's cool to be able to have knowledge of what's on the market and what the best wines are. (I'm still learning though, so I don't really have any suggestions at this point...) It's a great job for me...I'm always doing something different.

Sometimes doing something different involves lifting stuff. Cases of glass bottles can be relatively heavy, at least for someone like me. My arms are relatively thin, but they are definitely more cuddly than muscular. You know that Bugs Bunny cartoon where he makes a muscle, but instead of bulging up like the bad guy's, his skinny little arm just goes slack in the middle and droops down? That's me. So 12 bottles of wine in a box? Difficult lifting.

Then this past week, I didn't know if I was going to make it. It combined my general lack of arm muscle with my fear of heights. I was helping out with pulling Point-of-Sale items from my employer's warehouse. Bar mirrors and lighted signs weigh a lot. And climbing a big metal stepladder, even with railings on it, is pretty scary for me. Maybe some more muscles will make me more confident in being six feet off the ground. Gulp.


  1. i never keep my new years resolutions either. that is why, this year, i have no new "year" resolutions, except to have new "day" and new "week" and new "month" resolutions. much easier to wait these short amounts of time and reep the benefits of your vigilance than a whole freaking year. i think. ^-^

  2. Hannah - it seems like you will get lots of exercise at your job! That sounds totally scary to be doing such stuff 6 feet UP! But heja Hannah - you CAN do it and yous WILL. I NEVER make New Year's resolutions - thy are always doomed to fail. It is better to just decide NOW I want to change THIS and do it.

  3. I'm with Cassandra and Chrissie. New Years resolutions are bunko, I wonder if anyone really keeps them?

    If you want to get in better shape my suggestion is to go very slowly and to try not to miss any exercise sessions. I made pretty quick strides in over all health by just walking a mile a day and never missing a walk.

    I progressed past the just walking and started lifting weights and running after about two months of walking and I haven't missed more than a few work outs since July. I made working out a habit and it finally stuck.

    Mike Barela
    The Dawn Phenomena

  4. Be careful Hannah! I get dizzy standing on a chair.

  5. Lifting weights or lifting beer - who really cares! It's all good exercise!

    Take it slow and steady - consistency and commitment are the keys!


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