Friday, November 17, 2006

It's just Swell.

Dear Ankles,

I know you were never all that skinny to begin with, but really, I miss seeing you. All it takes is for me to be awake for more than an hour, walking around or standing in the shower, and you start to balloon. I want you to know I'm really tired of this crap. All you do is make me nervous.

I hope you're happy. You've got me paranoid that neuropathy is trying to sneak in.

Lucky for me, my sensation tests are always good. I don't have any pain.

Unlucky for me, it's difficult to buy shoes because you're constantly inflated. The endo blames it on me needing to lose weight and also that I take a LOT of insulin.

But honestly, my dear dogs, I would appreciate a day off now and then. I miss seeing my lil anklebones, and don't you think it's time they had some fresh air?



  1. Damn those ankles. They'd best start behaving themselves, right quick!

    Are you going to see a doctor about the swelling?

  2. Anonymous4:40 PM

    See the doc! I have feet swelling issues for no reason and the ole doc gave me a pill and viola, no more swelling!


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