Tuesday, November 21, 2006

An Exercise in....Exercise

I feel like I should get some kind of award because I've made it to the gym for two days in a row after nearly 3 months of not going.

My secret? A friend! Working out is so much better when you don't have to do it alone. Now, granted, my gym-going friend ended up not making it yesterday due to what she dubbed "a crisis" (which really WAS a crappy situation), but the woman watching the circuit yesterday at Curves was very chatty. Very sweet, but I must admit I was distracted by her femme-mullet hairdo.

[Sidenote: Attention hairdos! The 80's are over, at least from a bad haircut perspective!]

Yes, I am one of those thousands (millions?) of American women with a Curves membership. I'm not out to endorse products or services on this blog, but I will talk about the things I use and the things I really like. I'm round in the middle, squishy in places I shouldn't necessarily be. I am no means an athlete...I was always next-to-last to be picked in gym class. I like going to a gym where people are friendly, where I don't have to wonder if guys are staring at my boobs while I jog in place, and where I'm not ignored by a trainer because I'm not already buff.

Generally, I hate working out, but going to a circuit-training-type place where everyone is encouraged to have fun, be social, and get healthy seems like a great solution for a Gym-o-Phobe like me. Plus, now I have a gym buddy. We had the diabetes talk today, and I told her a little about Type 1, and she's got a family history of Type 2 (her mom, her grandma, possibly a sister as well).

I am rewarding myself for going to the gym by going to the mall. I've got a Bath and Body Works coupon burning a hole in my pocket, plus I need to get two birthday cards. One for my fabulous friend CJ, who never let me even smell candy wrappers when we were in middle school, but always made sure her parents bought diet sodas for me, and one for my grandfather, who I believe is turning 83 on Saturday. Maybe it's 84? The only reason I don't know is because he's still pretty spry for his age, even after prostate and colon cancer.

I have so much to be thankful for, but I figure I'll post about that tomorrow. I need a shower and then I'm going shopping!

Oh, and over at Orsa Aetas, Mel has an entry from last Friday (11/7) regarding a Diabetes OC "Biggest Loser"-type challenge. I suggest leaving a comment if you'd be up for it. Then, it's on like Michelle Kwan!! (My apologies to the fine Adult Swim program "Squidbillies".)


  1. Anonymous5:23 PM

    I have dubbed that look the Femullet. So sick and yes "people live in the now!"

    You should be proud of yourself. eventually it will become part of your routine! Exercise is just another habit you need to take up! But a very good one!


    Oh and I am so in on the weight loss challenge.

    So it's on like Donkey Kong!

  2. Yeah, way to go on the exercise thing.

    I find that once I get going on something, my momentum carries me through the rough spots.

    hehehe - the "Femullet". :-)


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