Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy D-Blog Day, a Couple Hours Belated

I am puzzled. Today I had a BG reading of 94 before dinner time. I'm not even sure what did it. Maybe it was the moderately low-carb lunch I ate? It feels like months since I've been under 180, so much so that when my BG is normal, say 115, I feel low. I don't know what I did right today, though I felt a little shaky.

I puzzled and puzzled until my puzzler was through. I am convinced it was a reminder that the 9th was D-Blog day, which I had been thinking about all week, and then I ended up missing it by a couple of hours. I suppose there's some way to backdate these posts, but why bother?

I started my D-Blog day with a job interview for a seasonal position. I then had a relaxing lunch with my husband, talked to my mother on the phone for an hour and a half, then did nothing for the rest of the day.

Scratch that. I started my D-Blog day when I woke up as Matt dressed to go to school/the lab, and my heart was racing. Maybe this was a premonition because deep down I knew Matt's car had been towed from the apartment lot last night so I'd have to get out of bed and throw some clothes on to drive him to campus. Then again, maybe this was just a side affect of the Wellbutrin I've been put on. I have decided no more taking Wellbutrin and Altace at the same time, and no Wellbutrin before bed. Between that and a high bedtime blood sugar, I slept terribly.

I giggled to myself a bit yesterday, wondering if I was a double-D or a triple-D. I've read discussions of the so-called "double diabetes", where you're type 1 AND insulin resistant, and I wonder if this is me. I'm taking Metformin while I'm pumping. My endo seems to think this will help...she has also suggested that maybe I have PCOS as well, but she hasn't really made any efforts to actually look at my ovaries. (Not that PCOS always comes with cysts....)

But thinking if I have double diabetes, I'm a double-D. Or if I have diabetes and depression, I'm a double-D. If I have all of the above, I'm a triple-D, but folks, this is not the entry where I actually reveal my cup size. That's for my husband to know, and for me to tell you when I'm really loopy on anti-depressants, or after I've had a couple glasses of wine.

I love having the freedom to post like this. D-Bloggers are some of the sweetest folks I've encountered on the 'net. NO PUN INTENDED.

I hope that through all the zany stories I can tell about helping myself, I can help somebody else out there. I think that's been my intent all along. My chronic condition and I are now on speaking (and writing) terms. I hope that by finally paying attention, we can learn something about each other.

Hopefully, within the year, I'll still be keeping this blog up, and hopefully, maybe within the year, maybe not, I can see an A1c below 8%. Because it's been a while, and unfortunately, there are only so many words I can write, and they won't make me normal again.


  1. Hannah. Sometimes all the conditions and "side affects" that come along with diabetes can be overwhelming and outright annoying. You did well to keep the post from being negative :) Goodluck on that A1C!

  2. Great post, and you were right on time!

    Good luck with your A1c. :)

  3. I am SO WITH YOU on pretty much all points stated. I'm a triple D'er myself.

  4. stick with the blogging - we're invested in your progress! :)

  5. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Right there with you on the double/triple D. I've got PCOS and am SEVERELY insulin resistant. It sucks.


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