Thursday, September 7, 2006

Diabetes Haiku

You may not realize that I write a lot of poetry. I've also been to the National Poetry Slam, competing on Team Delaware this summer. I love to indulge in silly haiku. These are best appreciated by the DiabetesOC. I tried them at an open mic once, but I don't know that everybody "got" all of them. You will. It's good to laugh about your diabetes sometimes.

Cell phones have TVs,
So why can't insulin pumps
Have built-in iPods?

Oh, whiny kid on the
Glucose monitor advert,
Pricks don't hurt THAT much.

Wilford Brimley is
A spokesman for my disease.
Please, no more oatmeal!

4. Sugar-free candy:
Too much of a good thing can
Turn out disgusting.

I promise, if you
Make out with me, you will get
A big sugar high.


  1. Oh chocolate dear
    Why do you forsake me so?
    Four twelve in your wake

    Strong diabetic
    Loses control at least once
    Each long, shot-filled day

    Pump tube, my pump tube
    You have pulled out once again
    What a damned waste

    I smell insulin
    With an odor like bandaids
    It spilled on my hands

    I very much enjoyed yours!

  2. Fun! I sense a Haiku Meme!

    My son's 3rd grade teacher was haiku-crazy. We once did an hour long haiku-a-thon with her after-school writing club. Loved it!


  3. Great stuff you guys!!!

  4. I am not even gonna try. You guys are awesome!

    I just found your blog. I admit i am slow :(

    I am also a geek with the bete but I am also a self appointed ninja and a Born Again Diabetic!

    I'll add your blog to my links right now!


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