Monday, September 4, 2006

Nothing to Do With the D, Except a Player Name

Want to know what's so random and silly about my life?

I am the only girl at a LAN party right now. Unreal Tournament. Space dudes, prepare to die at the hands of HaNn0rZ-teh-sW33tn355!!111

Generally speaking, this is one of the many reasons why this blog is named Dorkabetic. Haha.


  1. Totally dorkalicious!

    I think we should write some kind of D-game that has to do with fending off monster attackers trying to force carb-laden goodies on us, or the need to track down some glucose tabs when low, etc.


  2. How about a GTA-style game based around missions? Bonus points for getting your annual huge blood-workup without getting woozy (+5 points per vial!), or a beat-down on pharmaceutical execs who are trying to discontinue your favorite BG monitor?

    Hmm, this may require its own post.

  3. Oooh - that has potential Hannah!!

    I wonder how many of our OC friends are GTA junkies? Otherwise they probably wouldn't really "get it" would they...

    It would still be super fun to fantasize about!!

    How about your character not exactly following what your controller is telling it to do - because he/she is having a low?! Or moving all super sluggish and slow because BG is high?

    And you could totally string together a bunch of small missions around trying to supply a research firm materials & cash to research a cure, and the pharmaceutical execs would be trying to smash you for that cure which would totally bankrupt them...


    I think I could go on and on...

  4. OMG!!!!! We had a sweet LAN party at my house earlier this year!!!!

    I am a total FPS kind of guy so UT and Counter Strike are my fav's.

    Do you have Source? We could totally play. I am in a CS clan too!

    Told ya, i am a dork too ;)


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