Monday, September 11, 2006


So I'm not sure if Captain Novolin was ever a real video game hero, but I had a rather amusing exchange with Scott the other day regarding the ultimate in dorkiness and diabetes combined, the Diabetes Video Game!

My question to you, readers, lurkers and friends...what would it be like?

I can think of a number of situations.

Grand Theft Auto: Diabetes
While this game wouldn't be for kids, it would be great. You can always punch some punk in the face when he looks at your dinner selection and says, "Hey, can you eat that?" Missions include busting the health care company who's overcharging for faulty glucose meter test strips and beating up politicians who are against stem cell research. Careful! Too much running through the city will give you a low blood sugar, and you'll lose valuable time when you have to stop and treat it! If your BS goes too high, you'll be sluggish, and the cops will be able to catch you faster.

Diabetes Tetris
Wherein lancets, test strips and syringes fall into columns. They line up, they disappear. It's just like real Tetris, only with medical supplies and without the fun Russian folk tunes.

Diabetes Revolution
Program the right amounts of insulin and carbs into your pump as blood sugar results and foods appear on screen. Happy Japanese sound effects abound.

I know there's more. This is where you come in. It's a good time to have some fun...and don't censor yourself! No answer is too lame!


  1. I love this post, Hannah!

    I'd love to see an old-school version of Mario Bros: Big D. Mario fighting against Ketones (instead of Koopas) and battling the infamous Boluzer (to replace Bowser, of course!) to rescue the Princess Islet and live happily every after in the Mushroom Kingdom. (Mushrooms are relatively safe on the ol' bloodsugars, so I'm opting to keep them, too.)

    And re: Diabetic Tetris, I love the kicky Russian folk tunes. My vote is to keep those suckers in there!

  2. I'm all about the Grand Theft Auto scenarios! That would be sweet. Uh - no pun intended!

  3. how about a Zelda game where Link has Diabetes and he has to find insulin and carbs along the way. If he gets too high then he has to find bushes to stop and pee in and drink gallons of water. Then if his BG drops, the whole screen would start shaking until you found enough Glucose tabs.

    Okay, i would never play that game.

    GTA gets my vote. w00t!

  4. Diabetic Pac-Man--keep eating those dots and you're going to have some high monsters chasing you. Eat (or "inhale?") too much insulin, and you'll need to chase the food.

    Actually, Diabetic Pac-Man would be super awesome, now that I think of it. Who's a video game programmer out there?

  5. Get this, someone posted it on their blog:

    Pretty cool, maybe?

  6. Endostein 3-D.
    Set in a hospital, which you're frantically trying to get out of. Your
    endo's been cloned(x 300,all the bad guys look the same) and they're all trying to grab you to drag you off to the lab for an a1c. If they get you, your sanity level drops by 5 points + if you run out sanity, you're doomed to wander the halls of the hospital forever.(as a diabetic ghost)
    Weapons of choice involve the syringe(of course), lancet, tubing lasso, and test strip jammed up a bodily orifice.
    To advance to the next level, must have a blood sugar between 70-120.(if not,its more running around on that level till its in range)You start on the top floor, and work your way down to the 1st floor.(when you win, you get out)
    Those are all really cool ideas,I'd love to play 'em!


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