Thursday, November 8, 2007

Happy Birthday, Nigel.

Nigel says, while playing a round of Project Gotham Racing 4: "Gah, stop it with the endos! I don't wanna endo anymore, I just wanna...gooo!" He means:

But of course, I'm thinking of:

Well, sort of. You know, my endo[crinologist] is typically a lot less Doogie Houser. The giant stuffed needle just killed me though.

Happy b-day to my roomie.

And in case you were wondering, he completed his race successfully. Thank God he can't have a Ducati in real life...but I hope he doesn't get any ideas.


  1. How is it having a roomie and a husband? It is a weird combo? Does the guy feel strange ever? I lived with a couple (a lesbian couple, actually) and I always felt a little weird, like they didn't really want me there, but needed the money from an extra roomate, so I didn't renew my lease with them. It was too awkward. They were really nice people, but it's kinda hard to live with a couple, y'know? Like I was on their turf all the time or fear of interupting something.

  2. Amylia--I don't know, people think it's an odd thing, but Nigel's a best friend to both of us, so sometimes it's no different than having your best friend come over after work every day.

    My mom refers to Nigel as our pet, and Matt and I sometimes scoff that having him around has prepared us for when our kids start growing up (y'know, after we have them sometime in the future).

    There are times when it has seemed strange, but the weirdest part about it is often trying to explain it to other people. They seem to think we should have kicked him out as soon as we got married.

    But he's a great friend, a partner in crime, and generally a big help when it comes time to pay the bills. Also, he's still planning on going back to school, so living with someone else helps him save money, and living with someone who's NOT his parents helps him stay sane.

    We're a strange little family unit around here, but I like it. :)

  3. that's great. i don't think it is strange. i think it's pretty cool. some people raise pets to prepare for kids--you guys have got nigel. lol!


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