Friday, November 9, 2007

Happy D-Blog Day!

When I think about how it was well over a year ago that I discovered the Diabetes OC, it's still surprising. Sometimes it's surprising to me that I took the initiative to start a blog at all.

But yet, isn't this how we all felt? I think, if you ask collectively among the diabetes blog community, that we had some kind of mini-epiphany reading the blogs of others. Our misunderstood, difficult-to-manage, unpredictable, frustrating illness was something that was just as misunderstood, difficult-to-manage, unpredictable and frustrating to others. It was like a support group without the lame introductions.

Reading D-Blogs has been a reminder for me that times can get tough, but we can make it through them. That when in doubt, you should test. That most of all, no matter what kind of crap diabetes tries to bring into your life, you should live life just as vibrantly and fully as if it wasn't a problem.

Now that doesn't mean that you should go on some kind of cupcake binge, but if by some chance you DO go on that cupcake binge, make sure you correct for it, and try not to beat yourself up over it. Temptation happens, and sometimes it's easier to give in than to pretend that you're perfectly happy snacking on some veggies when what you really want is a freakin' chocolate chip cookie.

Keeping a diabetes blog makes me feel more responsible for myself. Even if I don't write down my numbers as often as I should, chronicling my life with diabetes keeps me in check of my symptoms, keeps me sane when it seems my ankles will never stop swelling or when Symlin drops my blood sugars like a big-ass rock.

If I don't read someone else's diabetes blog in the course of a day, I feel a little lost. They are my inspiration. They are my sanity. They are ridiculous sometimes, and they make me laugh at stuff that other people might not necessarily understand. (Which reminds me, it's still definitely Time to Change the Lancet around here!) Most of all, I keep up with the lives of my new friends.

If you have commented on my blog ever, thank you. If you read my blog and don't comment, thank you as well--at least you're looking, and I hope you find what you're looking for.

Maybe you sent me an infusion set inserter in a pinch. Maybe you sent me some awesome buttons. Maybe you're just "biased and inflammatory". Maybe you have cute cats, or perhaps cute kids. Maybe you're a ninja!

We're all in this together. Happy D-Blog Day to all my hard-typin', blog-rollin', wit-slingin' diabetes-writin' friends, wherever you are.

I don't care who throws the party when they come up with a cure, but I'll be sure to bring enough cupcakes for everyone.


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  2. Well here is my lame support group introduction.
    Hi, I'm Jillian and I'm a Type 1 Diabetic. I also am frequent lurker. Happy D-Blog Day! Whenever and wherever the party is, I'll be waiting for those cupcakes.

  3. Hannah, you summed it all up! all those reasons are exactly why I blog, read, and comment.

    I consider all of you my friends which is not weird to me at all (and that part seems weird!).

    Anyhow, You have a special place in my heart because you got the "suX0rz" shirt which is about the coolest thing ever!

    P.S. You already had a special place, i just wanted to tell you that.

  4. I read, but I don't often comment. Thank you for your frankness. I like what you said about not always logging the numbers, but blogging the life instead.

    Happy Dblog Day, Girl!

    - AmyT
    (aka "biased and inflammatory" :)

  5. Happy d-blog day, Hannah. I know just what you mean.

    Your buttons should be to you by the beginning of next week, at the latest! Yay for real mail. Hope you're settling in to your new town well, and finding ways to make it your home. I'll be thinking of you.

  6. Well said Hannah.

    I'm not sure that I have ever commented on your blog, but I need to make that change.

    Happy D-Blog Day!

  7. Hi Hannah!

    I agree, reading blogs helps us to live our diabetes, without dwelling on it, too much.

  8. Happy D Blog Day, Hannah.
    Good luck with your search for the perfect dress and gettin' all dolled-up.

  9. I want cupcakes. Cure cupcakes. But in the meantime, I am perfectly happy having friends like you. I cannot wait to meet you in the flesh, Ms. Hannah. I know we're gonna have a grand time. :)

    Would you please email me? I have a proposal for you.

  10. I don't think I have commented here before either, but I love your blog title, 'cause it is pretty much me too! :)

    Happy d-blog day!

  11. Hannah

    Happy D-Blog day.

    Your words about the party brought tears to my eyes. I can't wait for that day for all of us.

    You're right, we've all stumbled into this blogging. But look at all we've done and how much we've all been helped because of it.

    Here's to another great year of d-blogging!

  12. Thanks to everyone. It's been a great, great day thanks to all of you. I feel honored to have so many friends in so many places.

  13. yay diabetes oc! i have enjoyed your blog and the diabetes oc immensely. i'm glad to be a part of it, even though i know we'd all rather not have diabetes, i know we're all glad to have each other!

  14. www.snd1590.wordpress.com1:52 PM

    happy belated d-blog day! I hadn't seen yours before.. So Hi, I'm seonaid.. it's nice to meet you!

  15. hey Hannah,
    the "mini-epiphanies" is such a good way to describe the experience that I had finding these blogs too. thanks for posting this, I enjoy reading your blog.

  16. Yes, yes, and yes!

    Happy d-blog day Hannah!


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