Friday, November 30, 2007

The Final NaBloPoMo Day!

I made it! Oh crap! I know, it was tough at times, but this was definitely more fun than it was work.

I did it in good company, and I got some friends reading this blog who didn't even know about it before. It's so exciting, I am actually hiccuping right now!

I'm sure the hiccups have nothing to do with NaBloPoMo, but whatever.

The pharmacy hasn't refilled 2 of my 'scripts because apparently the new insurance wants me to switch to generics. I have no problem with generic pills, but I guess now my doctors need to re-write my prescriptions so they aren't brand specific, either that, or specify to my insurance company that I need the brand-name stuff. I'm not sure why the pharmacy just wouldn't give me the generics. Sigh.

Upstairs, there is a chorus of coughing. Matt and Nigel are both sick, and I am still miraculously avoiding it. I should pop a vitamin before bed. Every little bit helps, but bed isn't on the schedule just yet. There's Adult Swim and maybe the late episode of What Not To Wear to be watched.

Sometimes, being unemployed isn't so bad.

Thanks for reading all my crazy posts this month. It's been fun!

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  1. thanks for posting! It's been fun getting more of an inside peek into your life and thoughts! you rock!


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