Monday, December 3, 2007

You Might Have Too Many Online Friends When...

Last night, I had a dream that I was working out at Curves. Of course, it wasn't like any place I'd been in real life, and for some reason they had a front and a back room area to work out in.

The front room was full, so I was sent to the back. Who did I find back there but Kerri and Nicole! The three of us were baffled because we all had no clue the place had a back room, and half of the equipment was broken. There was a treadmill on a really steep incline, but it didn't have any handles to hold onto, and the tread only worked on one side.

It was really weird. Despite all of this, I still didn't get to the gym today.

Maybe it's because I knew you guys wouldn't be there, haha.

However, I did apply for 3 different jobs, hopefully straightened out my prescription situation, and later I'm going to see either "The Darjeeling Limited" or "Lars and the Real Girl" with my friend Mike. (Matt and Nigel are going to band practice. In Delaware. That's dedication, folks.)

Tomorrow, I think I'll hop onto my insurance company's website and find myself some doctors finally. And make appointments. Maybe then, this prescription stuff won't have to be a pain in the butt anymore.


Anybody had a dream about me lately? :)


  1. I saw both those movies - they were excellent.

  2. AWESOME. You guys have been in my dreams. You, Kerri, Shannon, Colleen, Amylia, Kitter and a number of other OC'ers. Crazy that, it is. :)


  3. I'll dream about you tonight.

    I recommend seeing "No Country for Old Men". It was done by the Coen brothers and it was awesome.

  4. LOL!!! I hope I was wearing leg warmers in your dream. I wish I was more 80's.

    And Chris and I saw "Lars and the Real Girl" last night. I thought it was pretty good. Very indie-film sort of flick.

  5. haha...So far I've had a dream about Beth (she wasn't in it, but her blue quilt was as were her parents) and Kerr's "sad robot" appeared in my dreams.

    So strange. I think you'd be fun to have in a dream doin' a poetry slam. I'll work on that...


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