Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh Xmas Amp, Oh Xmas Amp, How Lovely Are Thy Speakers

We have been moving in the last of Nigel's stuff from the apartment tonight. Our old place is now officially empty, and all of our fingers are crossed for the safe return of our security deposit. (Yes, I do tend to think of it as something that's being held hostage in Delaware. Sigh.) A friend is helping us move all of Nigel's boxes in, since she has a Toyota Matrix with fold-down backseat, and it's packed to the gills.

We were just standing around the living room, talking about how it won't take long to at least tidy it up a bit so we can put up Christmas decorations, maybe even get a tree. Our friend looks at Matt's massive, at-least-4-foot-tall bass amp (for his guitar, not a bass) that hasn't yet been taken upstairs and starts giggling.

"I think you should just decorate your amp," she laughs. "Oh, yeah, the presents? Just put them under the Christmas Amp!"

This sends most of us into our own giggle fit. We talk about how we'll wrap it in strings of lights, and just throw some tinsel at it to see if it will stick. Nigel suggests we put some kind of star on the top, probably affixing that to a sharpened stick that we just pop into the center.

I'm thinking to myself, If that's not festive enough, we could maybe hook up the iPod to the speakers and have it play "A Punk Rock Christmas" by the Sex Pistols all day, and possibly "Oi to the World" by The Vandals.

Hopefully the boys will take the amp upstairs soon, and we'll buy a real tree.

However, there is a light-up skull that is still in our window from Halloween, and I am thinking of putting a Santa hat on it and plugging it in....

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