Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May Madness, now with more bizarre animals!

These snuggly but uggle-y little fellas are elephant shrews. We went to the Philadelphia Zoo this weekend, and it was a really great time. Watching animals is always entertaining, and it was surprisingly relaxing. Out of all the animals at the Zoo, the ones acting the craziest were the humans. The Philadelphia Zoo is, in my opinion, pretty well-organized. They do a good job of providing information about the animals in the exhibits that is simple enough for children to understand, but what's written doesn't seem below the adults, either.

But oh, those wacky humans...it's amazing how people can be presented with information that is literally right in front of their eyes, but they ignore it. I heard a number of children saying to parents, "Mom, what does this animal do/eat/sound like/etc?" The answers were right there. The parent would give some kind of disinterested reply or just take their best guess. Aren't kids supposed to learn at the zoo? At least once in while?

I think this means I'm somehow meant to be a mother someday. I look at the way people handle their own kids and think of all the ways I'll handle my own kids...

But that's neither here nor there.

Anybody notice that there's something strange about May this year? It seems like everyone I know and love is having some kind of problem, trouble or sadness this month.

My father-in-law's fiance and my best friend's dad have both been diagnosed with MS...

Work is crazy...I've been doing the work of 2 people because my co-worker in the graphic design department threw her back out...

My uncle is, from what I've heard from my mom, pretty seriously depressed--losing weight, falling asleep at work, not telling anyone what's been happening...

Friends have broken up with significant others, fallen on hard times, been stressed to the breaking point at their jobs...

I skipped a couple of doses of my anti-depressant, and I was in a hideous, self-loathing funk for most of Sunday. I don't want to repeat that one again. Ugh.

And blah blah blah...

On the other hand, I hope to end the month on a high note...Friday I get to go see one of my favorite bands ever, The Faint, and I plan on dancing my pants off. Then it's a looong weekend thanks to the holiday, which will hopefully lead to a cleaner, more harmonious apartment. I will try to whittle down about half of my wardrobe, scrap that old desk we haven't used in a year, etc, etc...

So was May a rocky month for you too? Or was it a good one?


  1. May was way whacked for me too. I kept losing things - my keys, my walking shoes, my brand new issue of Rolling Stone, my favorite summer skirt, two bracelets, and........my insulin (twice).

  2. May sucked and continues to. June has got to be awesome right?

  3. Yeah, May hasn't been the best.

  4. You mean that May is almost over already?! Crap - where has it all gone?

  5. Eh - was kinda so/so. Hopefully June will be AWESOME!!!

    Did you get the serter I sent? I'm worried it didn't make it.


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