Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Death to Downtime

I need to end this diabetes downtime I've been having. I was doing pretty well, and then recently I've slacked off on BG monitoring, good eating, exercising, remembering to take all my medications...

I guess we all need a vacation now and then, but it's been tough getting out of this vacation mentality. "Back to work, brain!" I tell my mind. My mind, in turn, says "Okay!" while not getting up from the lounge chair and reaching for another mimosa. Does it count the carbs in that? Hell no.

Am I proud of this? Hell no.

I need to make an appointment with the endo nurse practitioner. I haven't seen her in months and she's usually pretty helpful. However, it's just the dread looming that keeps me from picking up the phone. A doctor's visit means lab tests. Lab tests means I'll see just how much I've messed up lately. On the other hand, if things don't look too great, it's not like I'll be surprised. Sigh. This happens to all of us.

In terms of getting more excercise, the apartment complex's pool opened this weekend, so I think some swimming will be in order soon. I'm not the best swimmer, but hey...kicking around with a pool noodle, back-stroking from one end to another, horsing around with my husband AND staying cool sounds like some really terrific exercise.

Slightly random question for those who might know: what does it mean if one of your ankles is more swollen than the other? My ankles swell up a lot, and the right one seems worse than the left these days. Should I be concerned?


  1. I say "DEATH" also. I did what you are talking about for so long that I am worried what will show up in the future.


    On the ankle thing, I would get it checked out. The was I see it is, if something does not look right, and it has to do with my feet then I should get it checked out asap.

    Better safe then sorry right?

    I sound like my father. Sorry about that :(

  2. Hannah - Are you upset with me or something??? Did your receive the serter I sent? I want to be sure it isn't lost in the mail.

    RE: The ankle swelling. It may be nothing. I know when it first starts to get warm like this, I tend to have swelling in my ankles/calves. Usually it subsides as my body gets used to the heat and humidity. But it's always best to get stuff like that checked out; especially given the change in the right side.

    Mimosas are yummy!

    I start swimming at our town beach tonight. Wish me luck - it's gonna be cold fo' sho'. - N

  3. George--my ankle thing has been an ongoing thing, and my endocrinologist just hasn't been able to explain it. For some reason, I can't get the point across that this is something that happens day after day and I WANT IT TO STOP. Maybe I need to take pictures and then show it to my endo? Or do I just call up a podiatrist and see if they can help me? Aaargh! Sorry to put you on the spot.

    Nicole--THANK YOUUU I got it. I sent you a message on MySpace today explaining further. Also, like I said above, the ankle thing has been ongoing. It doesn't ever hurt but the pressure can be just as annoying. Plus, I can't wear all my cute shoes... :(

  4. I'd get the ankle thing checked out. The only thing that comes to mind is lymphedema, but I don't know anything about it, just that it causes leg and ankle swelling and needs to be treated.

  5. swollen ankles can be a sign of gout according to my hypochrondriac friends. i was just thinking that sometimes dehydration causes swelling. I'd go to a doctor.

    btw, those little elephant micey thingers on your previous entry were perhaps the cutest thing i've ever seen, EVER.

  6. Major--hmm, there's something I've never thought of.

    Monday--Well, my big toe doesn't bother me, so I doubt it's gout. That rhymed, though; what fun! It's really more swelling, pretty much no pain.

  7. Just dropping in to say "Hey". It's been a busy week for me so I'm just now catching up on things.


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