Monday, April 2, 2007

Left Behind

I didn't want to post this yesterday--didn't want anybody thinking I was April Fooling. (For the record, I think practical jokes are completely stupid and hurtful, but I think spoofs in the media are hilarious. Remember when Google was talking about building an office on the moon?)

Friday I ended up refilling my insulin pump at work. That's nothing new...I woke up late, and I knew I could just fill it as soon as I rolled in to my place of employment. The pump was filled, everything was fine. The day went smoothly and before I knew it, it was time to go home and enjoy the weekend.

After a relatively smooth Friday commute, I roll into my parking lot. I get out of the car, grab my bag and my coat from the backseat, and I realize something is missing. It's black. It's nylon. It's zippered. It's my pump supply kit, and I left it at work, on my desk, 20 minutes away. My first urge is to jump back in the car to go rescue my stuff. A string of high blood sugars or a long shower could cause a need for a set change, and when I think of trying to put that needle in without an inserter, I feel sick to my stomach.

The drive back to work would be probably an hour, round-trip. I am already exhausted. I resign to figuring out some kind of plan B, and I head upstairs. Teary-eyed, I tell Matt what I did, and admittedly, beat myself up a little bit. Not that I needed that, but sometimes it just happens.

I end up bolusing for most of the weekend by syringe. Thankfully my set never popped out. Then I had a moment of panic this morning--what if my little black case wasn't sitting patiently on my desk, waiting for my return as I had anticipated? In high school, my glucose meter was stolen once. I had used it at marching band practice, then left it sitting on top of my backpack. I came back from some outdoor rehearsing, and my backpack was there. My meter was gone, its small zippered case most likely mistaken for a wallet. One of the school janitors picked it up 2 days later, but there's always a little worry in the back of my mind that my supplies have been stolen.

I arrived at work today to find my kit exactly where I left it on my desk. Time to put in a fresh set, and definitely time to consider buying an extra inserter, even if it does cost a lot, that way this doesn't have to happen again.

Also in unrelated news, the clocks on the phones at work have mysteriously gained an hour. I arrived early this morning, looked at my phone, then had to stop and check the time on my cell phone to make sure I wasn't late (and losing my mind)! I'd better go put that set in...I've got instant oatmeal for breakfast today, and I'm starving!

Here's hoping your stuff never gets stolen, and hoping you can avoid leaving it somewhere. But if either of these things has happened to you, feel free to share your story!


  1. Hannah - What kind of inserter do you need? I have one from Mini-med - I can't remember if it's a soft serter or a quick serter - but it's long and blue... Lemme know if you want it. Glad your stuff was there. :)

  2. My computer gained an hour today, too. It's because no one sent the phones and computers the memo about spring ahead being a couple of weeks early this year.

    I'm glad your stuff was there.

  3. Hi there, first time poster (just found your page through the O.C.). I also have an inserter - two actually - that I never use. not sure which they are, but you are welcome to them if need be.

    I always keep a second supply of inserters, infusion sets, etc in my desk at work. I also keep second glucometer that I travel with. I've had too many scares over the years with fallen out infusion sets and running out of test strips.

    Good luck and hopes that it doesn't happen again!


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