Thursday, March 22, 2007

One of these things [seemingly] doesn't belong...

This is my desk drawer at work, as viewed through my camera phone. It's a fairly normal-looking drawer--several colors of Sharpies, a ChapStick, ruler, pack of gum, plastic spoon, single-serve Crystal Light-type-product and...what's that thing there? My drug paraphernalia?

It didn't fit in the picture, but I always keep a vial of Humalog in the drawer just to the right of what you can see here. I figure if anybody goes rooting around through my drawer and is concerned about me having needles at work, then I can whip out my handy-dandy insulin bottle, and perhaps the box with the prescription on it too. I don't suspect I'll ever get in trouble. The important people at work all know I have diabetes.

What I find amusing about this picture is that outside of those of us who have experience with diabetes (or any other condition requiring injections for maintenance medications), someone could probably mistake this for a pic from some kind of anti-drug advertisement about drugs in the workplace being a hidden problem.

What do you think? Ever had an awkward diabetes moment at work?


  1. I work in a very small office so everyone here knows all about my "D". With that, the D police are in FULL FREAKING EFFECT and it drives me EFFING CRAZY!

    I leave my machine on my desk. The best is when I have a set change at work and I leave my infusion set, reservior, insulin, quick set plunger, and IV prep just laid out. I should leave some latex gloves out too and freak everyone huh?

  2. i just got caught shooting up in the bathroom. i work in a HUGE office, one of many in a huge skyscraper, and basically, anyone i may run into i don't know and they don't know what i am shooting up. most people just pretend they didn't notice and ignore me though. ^0^

    when i was in middleschool i was giving an injection in the bathroom of the skating rink when someone apparently thought i was doing drugs and called the authorities. who came and had a talk with me. it was pretty embarrassing. for them too i imagine, but mostly for me.

  3. I can totally see that photo on some anti-drug commercial! Ha!!

  4. The funny part of that is that I didn't see anything that didn't belong. I completely overlooked the needle. Whooops!!!!
    Even though I am on a pump you can still find my syringes everywhere. A few here, a few there, really a few everywhere.

  5. I'm in the same boat as flmodog. I didn't even notice anything out of the ordinary until you pointed it out. I keep a syringe or two in my backpack just in case, and more than once I have pulled them out thinking they were pens.


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