Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Knight

Glucolift glucose tabs are running their annual Gluc-or-Treat campaign. They say they'll take all Halloween-related photo entries, even mentioning that you can put your supplies in costume.  What do you get for sharing a pic?  You get a goodie bag of Glucolift treats!  You know how much I love free stuff.  It's a slow day today, so I may have fashioned some things out of office supplies...and so I bring you:


Sir Nov o'Log's blue circle helmet offers him protection.  He comes from the kingdom of Bantingbest, in the chilly north.

Sir Nov o'Log versus the Monster of Unknown Carb Count!  Can he use his wit and experience to solve the Monster's carbohydrate riddle, or will this end in certain disaster for our hero?

(I'm not going to lie.  Sometimes this is how the battle seems to turn out.  VICTORY FOR FRUITOPIA!  Better try swapping out that infusion set, Princess Tandem.  Take a correction via syringe or pen while you're at it.)

Sir Nov o'Log has vanquished his carb-y foe!  The Monster of Unknown Carb Count is slain, and Hannah's BG will not be awful after all.  Thanks for saving this fair maiden, brave knight.

Always keep Sir Nov o'Log, Sir Hum o'Log and their noble steeds Lantus and Levemir at the ready to battle those diabetes dragons.  (Note: Sir Regular and the other knights of the Insulin Table are less outspoken, but still handy.)

Happy Halloween, everyone!  Remember trick or treating is just as fun for kids with diabetes, and the whole point of Halloween is costumes and fun.  Enjoy!  


  1. Best Halloween Knight ever!!

  2. That's awesome ... thanks for sharing!!


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