Monday, November 19, 2012

Oh, You Know, Just Being Awesome.

I've talked about writing poetry.  I've talked about performing poetry.  If you've been waiting to see me actually do a poem, here it is!  Thanks to all my Philadelphia poetry family. 

And thanks to Warren, who is a great friend and a fantastic poet.  His editorial suggestions for poems are usually quite good, and his compliments are among some of the most sincere and well thought-out I've received regarding my writing in the past year. 

And now, on with the show!  Diabetes Online Community friends, welcome to hearing the sound of my voice!  (At least my poetry performance voice.)


  1. Totally awesome, Hannah! Thanks for letting us peek into this side of you.

  2. Hannah, I pointed to you BTW. So awesome. i LOVED LOVED LOVED THIS!!!!!!!

  3. I had your voice totally wrong (I have yet to accurately predict a voice btw)!

    P.S. You were robbed! I was pointing at you too!


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