Monday, February 27, 2012

The Power of People (with Diabetes)

Photo courtesy of Kerri/sixuntilme.
Saturday was special.  I spent the entire day in Conshohocken, PA at the Children with Diabetes Focus on Technology conference, surrounding by some of my favorite people in the DOC, plus some local D-pals.  I did learn a few new tricks, and of course got to walk away from the event with some excellent conference swag, plus an unexpected supply surprise (more on that tomorrow). 

I think the biggest thing I learned is just how important it is to be with other people with diabetes.  Whether we were tweeting from an iDevice or a phone,--we literally had 7 iPhones and 2 iPads at our table during the first session of the day--chatting up a fellow "green bracelet" in line at lunch, or playing BG Bingo after dinner, just being around people who get it is liberating. 

For the record, I had the second lowest post-dinner BG at 156 mg/dl.  The winner was our buddy Faye with her 89 mg/dl, which had the bonus of being "twinsies" with her Dexcom. 

Friends without diabetes are great, especially friends who are supportive, kind, and always willing to lend a hand when asked; however, friends with diabetes just "get it" in a special way that normal people cannot.  On Saturday, we may have been giggling and snarking a little louder than other conference attendees.  We compared bags--everyone was carrying a pretty large one since diabetes requires so much stuff all the time.  We talked numbers without judgements, without one sideways glance.  Everyone reached into their pockets and waistbands because at least one person somewhere in the room was beeping. 

I think this is what it's all about, that moment of becoming a majority in a group after being a misunderstood minority for so long.  Thank you, Diabetes OC, for introducing me to such amazing friends. 

The whole experience makes me consider attending Friends for Life this summer in Orlando.  We shall see what's in the budget and the summer plans.  We shall see.


  1. Yeah for CWD! It was fun to be with you, have you meet Grace, chat with you, Tweet with you and be all techno. There IS power in all of us being together and communing!

  2. Wendy8:57 PM

    Hannah, attend FFL. I have for I can't remember how many years. I was at the Philly conference also. We were discussing the green band take over.

  3. I hope Orlando is in the budget for you. There is going to be quite the crew of us there, and I've always wanted to meet you!!

  4. thanks for sharing your experience! my family went to FFL last year for the first time and it was much as you describe. i hope you can make it there this year.

  5. Good post, thanks for sharing. I think events are a great way to raise awareness and encourage people suffering from diabetes to meet and share recipes and things like that.


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