Friday, February 24, 2012

No Matter Who You Are

So in the week since my birthday and party have passed, I wish I could say I had some epiphany about life or something.  However, it's mostly the same ol' things I always know.

And diabetes-wise?  Well, let's just say I took a quick break from my Dexcom to let my sites rest a bit, but as a result of said Dexcom, I did remember to check my blood a fair amount on my own.  That's one thing I slip up on constantly--remembering to poke my finger at the bare minimum 4 times a day.  Honestly, that is the biggest change I can make for myself this year.

Tonight, I will slap that sensor back on and get back in the CGM saddle.  Tomorrow, I am off to the CWD Focus on Technology conference where I will be among many beeping glucose meters, buzzing robot pancreases (pancreai?), and of course, fellow people with diabetes and their families.  Best of all, I will be in the good company of a bunch of D-Bloggers.  And you know what happens when we get together.

(Author's Sarcastic Note: We eat carbs and drink alcohol!  Noooo!  Call the diabetes police!)

Anyway, I'm sure it will be fun, and informative, and potentially a place where I can pick up some diabetes swag?  Like, a prettier skin for ye olde Dexcom?  Eh, my lunches are already paid for and I get a free t-shirt.  Keep an eye out for pictures, recaps, and everything else.

I have a theme song today.  Just a reminder to put myself out there.  Sometimes my biggest obstacle is my attitude, sometimes it's my fears.  But I feel rockstar mode coming on, and I hope it sticks around.

Here's to a weekend of hopeful things and realizing you ARE a shining star, no matter who you are.  No matter what your pancreas does or doesn't do.

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