Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Fragments

1.  I missed Diabetes Art Day yesterday.  I may have some time to cook up something over the weekend.  Hey, it's never too late for art, right?  Of course not!  A creative lady such as myself knows these things.

2.  Stacey posted about retinopathy recently, and this has got me nervous.  I have finally scheduled an opthamologist appointment for myself coming up on September 22nd.  Keeping up with eye appointments has not been high on my priority list at all.  I think it's been around 4 years now.  Remember a year and a half ago when I made my first visit to a dentist in a few years?  It was 3 trips back after that one to have cavities filled, and I'd never had a cavity in my life before.  I don't know what kind of news there will be about my eyes. 

3.  Can I tell you how excited I am that it's Labor Day weekend?  Even though the year is flying by at an alarming rate, it means fall will be on its way soon enough, and I absolutely love the fall.  Also coming up at the end of September is my 5th wedding anniversary.  Talk about time flying.  Geez.

4.  My friend Jane is an awesome lady who knows how to throw a fabulous party with poetry and cupcakes.  Also she writes horoscopes, which she has confessed are a great way to write love letters to everyone once a week.  I suggest you read them

5.  For the first time in years, I am wearing a medical ID bracelet.  It's actually really cool.  I will be telling you all about that next week, and I am totally excited to announce there will be a giveaway coming up too. 

6.  If you are not my personal Facebook friend, you probably missed this, but one day, as I was scanning a document with one hand and changing some pump supplies with the other, I had this thought: Look at me go!  I can have it all!  I'm like Mary Tyler Moore if she had diab....ohhhh.  Hahaha.  Riiiiight.

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  1. great horoscopes, thanks for the links!

    and i totally chuckled to myself at the mary tyler moore thing. this weekend, my husband and i got into a debate over whether mary was type 1 or 2. we had to have a dueling google search on our phones in the restaurant to come to the conclusion that i was right. as usual. ;)


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