Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane not-Hannah

So Irene seems poised to dump all kinds of crazy rain and wind and overall badness onto my neighborhood, by which I mean the greater Philadelphia area.  I hope everyone is safe, comfortable, and that you still have power.

I have been in Williamsport all weekend at my mom's house for a cousin's wedding.  I brought extra pump supplies, etc. just in case I would be stuck here.  Not so much because I'm afraid of what the storm will do here.  I'm in north central Pennsylvania right now.  We might get some rain, but nothing like we're having at home.  Matt is still at home, diligently keeping an eye on our sump pump.  He even tied down all our lawn furniture, as he should have.  I'm just worrying that I may not really be able to get home tomorrow because of road closures, downed trees, the potential of flood waters.

Mayor Michael Nutter in Philadelphia has warned Philly residents to be prepared for the worst flooding in 50 years.  Granted I am probably a good 20 miles from the city proper, but that is still close enough to worry about my home.  To worry about all that crap we've had in the basement for two years.  To worry about my friends in the area just a bit...okay, more than just a bit.  Seriously, guys, I hope you're all okay and that I will still find you to be okay in the morning.

Much love and hope and good vibes for anyone in the path of this nasty storm.  I just hope I can get home soon.


  1. Hey hon, we made it through OK. No water in the house and we kept electricity, amazing! We didn't have to go to a nasty city HS to shelter. Hope you are OK up there and make it home safely.

  2. Anonymous3:40 PM

    I hope everything is okay at your house, Hannah. Sounds like the western suburbs got hit badly.


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