Thursday, July 8, 2010

And how is YOUR night going?

Just trying to do a site change tonight before dinner.  That was my plan.  My reservoir was nearly empty.  My battery needed changing.  Simple enough.  I go through the motions, reconnect my pump, note that my BG is high, so I program in a corrected.

Bzzt.  Bzzt.  Bzzt.  Blockage detected!!

I try a new set of tubing, since I had re-used the old one out of laziness.  This does not clear up the problem.  My tongue feels glued to the roof of my mouth.  I had really been looking forward to a salad and a glass of wine.  No eating until I'm done.  I think that maybe I need to pull the new set, especially thinking of Kerri's problems from a couple weeks back.  So I do.  And what has my brand new Cleo brought me?  Frustration.  Just look.

A dreadful tragedy if you ask me.

I decide my poor Cozmo probably won't last too much longer, what with this flurry of activity, buzzing and being unhappy, so I walk across the room to take a AAA battery out of the desk.  As I stand there, unscrewing my battery cap with a penny, I feel something lukewarm plop onto my toe.

That would be blood. My blood, frustratingly dripping from the very spot on my abdomen that I had just removed my awful bent cannula.  Looking down I realize I should do something so that I don't splatter more blood all over my nice hardwood floors.  Hey, I'm just a renter here.  Eventually, I'm going to want that security deposit back, and I'm sure it helps if my duplex doesn't look like a crime scene.  I decide I'm going to try and stop the bleeding using the nightgown I'm wearing.  So now...

I also get blood all over my cute new plaid summer nightie.  It'll come out in the wash, but sheesh.  I did eventually get things situated, and I dined on salad and cheap red wine.  Now you have photographic proof that diabetes is damned annoying.


  1. D can be such a pain in the ass!You know that none of that would have happened if you weren't hungry and looking forward to dinner ;)

  2. Oh man. That simply sucks.


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