Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One for the Ladies: Diabetes, Meet Auntie Flo.

(Author's Note: All the fellas out there are encouraged to read this post, but I do not expect you to understand. Or by all means, turn away if you don't care. However, if you have a lady friend, spouse or female relative with diabetes, maybe you want to check this out, and the comments that are guaranteed to follow!)

A monthly visitor. A little friend. Aunt Flo's in town. A gift from Mother Nature. The curse. The crimson tide. That time of the month. Menstruation. Your period.

Whatever you want to call it, ladies, have you ever noticed it can be tricky business when it comes to The Big D? Some people I know complain about the blood glucose roller coaster they go on. Some people go high. Some people stay low. I always get really low in day 1 then shoot way back up. A blood glucose catapult, if you will.

This makes things tricky the entire almost-week my Aunt Flo is in for a visit. I'm suddenly overly sleepy. Is my BG high? Is it just my hormones wreaking havoc on my energy levels? I never know. Peeing more often. Having no energy. Being really hungry. It seems like half the symptoms that go along with having your period are also symptoms of high blood sugar, and I am normally plagued by both at the same time. Ugh.

Let's not even talk about the food cravings. No, wait. Let's. That's what this blog is for, right? Discussions? I am one of those women who wants salty things followed by sweet things followed by more salty things followed by more sweet things. I think the absolute worst part of having my period is that not only do I get cravings, but I'm also just hungry all the freaking time. I'll eat a big dinner, then an hour later I want a snack. Then after that I might consider another snack.

Now I am wondering if my high that-time-o'-the-month blood sugar levels are related to my constant snacking. I'm sure the answer is probably yes, somewhat. I seem to be high regardless of my snack intake. You do not want to get between me and my food right now. I'm crabby enough as-is, but if you will be prying this here miniature Mr. Goodbar from my cold, dead hands. Look, I'm even bolusing for it!

Ladies, what kinds of issues do you have once a month? Let's commiserate!


  1. Pretty much all you wrote, same here. The cravings are horrible. The "am I high or low" what the heck symptoms. The hormones definitely whack me out more than usual during that time of month.

    wv: catecats
    Once a month I get catecats about my carb intake. (ok, it's pushing it but I thought of "catty" which is nicer than, well, bitchy)

  2. Whew! and I just thought it was me! WTH!!! I feel insane during Aunt Flo's visits. I can't stop eating, even though I know it means another hour on a treadmill. . but, do I DO another hour on the treadmill. . nooOOoo. I go eat some more 'cause I'm depressed that my BG is so high from eating so much. I got caught this afternoon with the Redi-Whip nozzle in my mouth. . oops.
    I'm pretty new to all this. . so any help is appreciated ladies!

  3. oh, sorry. . and thanks for writing this post. I'm a fan.

  4. Crystal -- "catecats", I love it. :)

    Babs -- My biggest bit of advice has got to be patience. And testing. Also never forget we're only human. Bad numbers happen, and so do uncontrollable urges to eat chocolate, heehee.

  5. Anonymous6:26 PM

    I always had those problems too. It was such a high/low thing for me. I would be low for the few days before to day 2 and then my blood sugars would be super high for the rest of the time, even a few days after! My doctor then put me on Seasonique so I only got my period once every three months. I love it now.

  6. Awesome post! When Aunt Dottie comes to visit I am usually high. I crave food but I think the high blood sugar is due because of the stupid hormones.

  7. Oh yes, I'm right there with you. Once a month, I just HAVE TO HAVE MCDONALD'S FRENCH FRIES, super-size please, and I don't care what they are going to do to my blood sugar for the next five hours I just needthemnow!!!!!! Two days before I run high whether I'm eating more or not. The day it shows up, I'm low low low all day no matter what I eat. And yes, overwhelmingly tired.

    But here's the thing - sometimes it all changes just to mess with me. This month, I never craved the fries. (I guess that's a good thing?) I also had the highs before but not that day of lows once it came. It's different enough each month that my endo shot down the idea of temp basals before and during. So I just have to live with what ever comes and try to deal with it.

    Grrrr. Sometimes I think men have it easy.

  8. Well, I'm glad it's not just me. The first couple days, I seem to have a tapeworm that takes up residence and I feel like I can't eat enough. And all I seem to want is junk food. Something really salty and fried followed my chocolate fill-in-the-blank. Normally I can't get enough veggies but those few days of the month, forget it! Not interested!

    The last couple of days I have no appetite and nothing is appealing food-wise. All this does a number on my sugars so I'm always up and down until Flo is gone. Aww, the joys of being a woman. ;-)


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