Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Diabetes Social Networking for Dummies?

Hello readers and friends!

Just a quick post/call for help today. This year, on World Diabetes Day, I will be [wo]manning an information table at the Philadelphia WDD event, all about online support for people with diabetes. This means visitors will receive handouts and information on diabetes websites, blogs, resources, etc.

Just because many of us know where all the good stuff is online doesn't mean it's easy to find for everybody. There are a lot of diabetes sites out there, some awesome, some less-than-stellar. I want to be able to direct people to the good ones!

This is where you can help play a part in my display. Imagine for a moment you are searching for diabetes websites and resources for the first time. What are some of your picks for diabetes sites, social networks, and blogs for those who are DiabetesOC beginners? What would you recommend for a Type 1? A Type 2? A parent of a child with diabetes? A child or teen with diabetes?

Also, who are the other bloggers and diabetes activists in the greater Philadelphia area? Thinking maybe a list of the locals would appeal to passersby as well.

Your comments are really, really appreciated! And if you want to mention your own blog, I won't judge you, but if you feel self conscious about saying "Dorkabetic is the best diabetes blog ever" or what have you, anonymous comments are cool.

Thank you so much, friends!


  1. The Diabetes Resource, Diabetes Mine, Six Until Me, Children with Diabetes, my blog (LOL), TuD, Diabetes Daily.

    The only bloggers in the Philly area that I know of are you, Lee Ann and Kelly.

  2. Thanks for your efforts to support World Diabetes Day!

    The following checklist of diabetes health checks and lab tests to have regularly is useful. You will need to register on the site to download the pdf.

    My two favorite D social networks? and

    Hey, nice blog!

  3. A few others not mentioned so far:,,, and of course, my blog!

  4. I use, diabetesdaily.coma and I AM newly diagnosed and I've received alot of info also from Mayo Clinic's site and ADA (kind of obvious, I know. . sorry.)
    My favorite blogs are Dorkabetic, Diabetesaliciousness, DiabetesMine, SixUntilMe, Bittersweet-karen, The Butter Compartment, Diabetesdaily/nicole (aka: Diabetic_Iz_Me) and a great time at your event. I would love to participate in something like that and meet so many new people facing the same issue I am!

  5. I got my diagnosis (as T2) by mail on Fri afternoon, then spent the weekend feeling sorry for myself. On Monday, I started hunting for resources. Of those I found, I'm still with Diabetes Daily. There are other good forums, but D.D. is where I happened to find a home.

  6. All mentioned are the ones I would mention too. Oh, Diabetic Connect is great too, many Type 2's on there. Great community.

    As far as the Philly area; you, Kelly and Lee Ann. Which all are great blogs.

    Awesome stuff. Take pictures. ;-)

    wv: manesp
    Really? They have that? to me. Ha.

  7. Hannah-

    I agree with everyone elses recommendations. I would like to add They have a adult and teen community dedicated to diabetes.

    Babs- thank you:) I'm glad you enjoy Diabetic_Iz_Me

  8. I recommend the following sites all the time to people looking for advice about pregnancy with pre-existing diabetes:, the boards on, and (specific to pg with type 1 and also to type 2), the Yahoo group PositiveDiabeticPregnancies, and assorted blogs that chronicle the experience, including my own at Managing the Sweetness Within,

  9. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Well.. There are no diabetes around in the Netherlands! At least there not blogging! It seems I am the only one blogging about it! D:


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