Friday, July 18, 2008

Your Secrets Revealed!

Hey readers! Happy Friday! On tap for this weekend--my father-in-law's wedding. I'm pretty excited, as my father-in-law's fiancee is a wonderful woman, definitely smart with a great sense of humor. Congrats, Chriss and Holly! Sunday we'll be back at home in Blue Bell, then off to see the newly-minted Philadelphia National Poetry Slam Team in a big bout at the Sedgwick Theater in Philadelphia. Our friends from Baltimore will be there, too. Lots of excitement to cram into two-and-a-half days. I'm done here at work at 2pm. I may leave my car with Pep Boys--I think I'm having serpentine belt issues. My car sounds like a teakettle unless the AC is turned off. Ugh.

Also, go see The Dark Knight. I saw it at midnight, and while I'm paying for it now (glug glug more sugar-free Red Bull please...) it was completely worth it. It's got my approval for sure, enough that I wouldn't dare to call it The Dork Knight. Or would I? Heath Ledger's performance lives up to the hype and maybe even surpasses it. I left the theater happy about the movie, but so sad & angry that such a talent is gone.

So today is...secrets day! I will reveal all the secrets you anonymously posted for me over the past few days. I know I said I wouldn't publish them on that last post, but since everyone maintained their anonymity, I published them anyway. But here, for the world to see, are your Diabetes Secrets. Some are heartwarming, and some are completely heartbreaking. If you still haven't anonymously shared a secret, feel free to do it in the comments section of this post or the aforementioned [afore-linked?] post.

"I sometimes think I make a bigger deal about my diabetes then I should."

"While I pity them, I'm really annoyed when parents of kids with diabetes worry that their kids will never find a partner in life. Then your kids will end up blaming their terrible love lives on diabetes, even if that's not the cause! Great job, Mom & Dad!"

"I feel as if my life is more difficult –living with diabetes affects every second of every minute of the day, no breaks. I have a secret list of things in m y head that would be worse than diabetes, which include paraplegic,quadraplegic,/brain cancer/cystic fibrosis/muscular dystrophy/ALS/ (Of course, some of these are age dependant. If I got them in my late 60s, I may trade them for a life without diabetes!) Wow, the list is longer than I thought! Maybe I am not so bad off!"

"Although I'm a very healthy person with diabetes, I feel certain that my disease will somehow cause me to die before my husband. This secret feeling fills me with guilt because of the heartbreak I will eventually cause the love of my life."

"I have used diabetes as an excuse to get out of classes and tests that were too hard for me."

"I sometimes use ice-skating rules when giving my blood sugar range: I kick out the highest and the lowest numbers to make thing seem a little more in control."

"i was diagnosed as a young adult, and have had a hard time telling people about my diabetes from the beginning - most people who know me (even good friends) do not know that i have diabetes...i wish i felt more proud, and less 'ashamed' to talk about my diabetes."

"I am really afraid that my ex may take better care of my daughter's D then I do...and it breaks my heart for some weird reason! (even though she is in great health and has the perfect A1C for her age! - I just think I am weird!)"

"I can not stand when other Type 1's complain about taking "huge" amounts of insulin, when compared to others insulin usage it isn't even significant. It makes a person who requires a lot of insulin to manage their Diabetes feel like they are doing something terribly wrong."

"I'm afraid that, even after working so hard to control this disease, that it will take me while I sleep."

"Sometimes, I think taking care of my diabetes might not be "worth it." The fact that even people in excellent control get complications infuriates me - and gives me a perfect excuse when I want to do something I KNOW will cause a spike or a dip in bloodsugar. I'm ashamed of that."

"i know what i need to do, so where the heck is my motivation to do it?"

Author's Note: Thanks to all who participated in my little experiment. I will continue to share secrets if they continue to come in. Just make 'em anonymous!


  1. I think this is a really touching view of things that we have (I know I have) been scared or ashamed to talk about.

    Thank you Hannah for opening up this "can of secrets" for us. And thank you everyone for sharing those things that are deep inside.

  2. Wow Hannah. This is really powerful. Thank you for doing this.


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