Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dirty Little Diabetes Secrets

First, this isn't so much a secret. I received this as a comment on my July 4th post, and thought I should share so everyone can roll their eyes at it. Trust me, "Herbal Remedies", if I could make my pancreas make insulin by eating a bunch of oregano or cilantro or any other herb that ends in "o" or even some freakin' basil, I'd do it. Commence eye-rolling now:

Being totally emancipated from imbalances in the body can be found in the holistic treatment of herbal remedies which normalizes blood sugar levels naturally...without the usual side effects of the body. Happy In[sulin]dependence Day Everyday!

Also, I want you to tell me your secrets. (Not your Seacrest, as I nearly typed!) Did you see my post yesterday about sharing your secrets? Please, anonymously share your diabetes secret with me on my post from yesterday, and I will publish a big ol' secrets post on Friday.

Heck, if it goes well, I might make it a regular thing. Who knows?

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  1. I also received this comment, but since I moderate comments, I determined it was promoting someone's commercial interest and therefore denied posting it. But if they share their "secret" (which cannot be herbal, as not one of those has ever demonstrated a shred of clinical evidence of restoring insulin-independence to autoimmune-mediated diabetes mellitus), I'm sure we'd all love to know about it and why that hasn't made the major press outlets!


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