Monday, June 2, 2008

My One-Man Support System

It seems to be the time of year, or maybe just the time of life, when a lot of people I know are getting married. For some, like in the case of both of my in-laws, it's a re-start. For others, mostly my friends, it's something they've been dreaming about for a while, or at least hoping for. I sincerely hope, for everyone I know, that it's the best decision they'll ever make.

For a time, I think I was in denial. I met Matt when I was 16 at a friend's Halloween party, where I pretty promptly lured him into the blacklight room for some smoochin'. That's right, I've always been ballsy. Then it was just conversation after conversation on the phone where I felt, for the first time in my life, that someone actually GOT me. He was really interested in all the weird things I said, all the time. But I was in denial--how could it be possible to find a soulmate when you're still in high school?

I guess stranger things have happened in this world. Matt and I will have our two-year wedding anniversary on September 30, and we'll have been together for 10 years on October 30. I still couldn't be happier. He puts up with my mood swings, my high-blood-sugar induced crankiness, my demands to look at the kittens when we go by the pet shop, even my general laziness when it comes to housework. I can take him with me to doctor's appointments. I take him to Gary's office, and he asks even dorkier questions than I do. He certainly knows his way around a set of data.

But when times get tough, or when I feel like I'm at my lowest, that's one time when having a great partner matters the most. When I start crying because I feel like my blood sugars will never be normal, my A1c will never come down, my self-care will never be good enough, I hate my body with its cankles and dysfunction and lazy attitude...he just hugs me as tight as he can and tells me it'll be okay. He tells me he believes in me, I'll be able to do better if I just stay strong and positive. Hell, he says I'm so sexy, he never even notices my swollen ankles.

I hope everyone out there who's getting/gotten married recently has a partner who is perfect for them. I hope we all can find our special someone who always knows the right things to say, and more importantly, always means them.

Oh, and one more thing about my husband? His wallet is more disorganized than my purse, and I scold him for not keeping his money in numerical order; yet, in that bi-fold leather mess is a ratty old Post-It note folded in half. On it is my name and my phone number, hand-written by me, circa 1998, October 30 to be exact. Maybe this year, on our anniversary, I should get it laminated so it'll at least last another 10 years.


  1. I love this post. I absolutely love it. Congratulations to you and your wonderful dude. (And that wonderful post-it!)

  2. Anonymous11:30 PM

    you two are cute!

  3. Thanks for the smiles this morning. Your post is lovely and you are a lucky lady.

  4. Awwwwwwwww!!!!!

    You guys are so adorable.


  5. That's very cool, you two seem to be an ideal couple! BTW, you should definitely laminate the post-it, but look into that to determine if there are different laminates which are more scratch-resistant, because that can certainly make a difference!

  6. That is great stuff Hannah, thanks for sharing.

  7. Pretty wonderful post Hannah!

  8. you guys are cute! i'm so glad you have such a fabulous man. your post made me smile.

  9. Aww, you guys are so cute! :D I loved reading this.

  10. I'm glad you have your perfect partner, Hannah. He's sounds like a great guy! Congratulations to you both!

  11. I love this! I'm so glad you have found someone who makes you so very happy. It gives me hope! :)

  12. Anonymous5:06 PM


    I am recently diagnosed Type 2-- I need some advice.

    Just turned 50--if that isn't bad enough! Seriouly, 50 ain't that bad BTW! Attitude is all is how you frame it. BTW, at 50 you start to say what you think, and can really get what you want in life because you just start to view life and societal expectations differently.

    Any ways, I was doing great with dietary meds needed.

    But then things changed... diabetes "nurse police" wanted me to participate in a study of compliant ones, people like me who were doing everything the way they wanted. They would call even on Saturdays. I think that is what started me on the defiant path-- them chasing after me to be a study participant...I think I am still a bit of a non-compliant teenager!

    One of the nurses laughed when I told her I was in training for a 2- mile walk for a humane society. Imagine being laughed at.

    That was it for me.

    Am forcing myself to get a dr. appointment soon-- haven't checked my BG in a year, or been back to the clinic-- in a year! I know!

    I ask you, someone half my age, about this because you have a sense of humor like I do. ***And I suspect you have good advice.*** I kept your page marked as I like what you have to say.

    Many of the people my age that I encounter-- in person or on-line-- don't want to discuss their diabetes.

    Any ideas as to why I am not being compliant? ( I have my own psychological theories as already mentioned, but would welcome yours.)

    Any tips on how to deal with the doctor? Tell him I was abducted by aliens? Tell him that I like myself being so sweet and didn't want to become less sweet? LOL!


    P.S. Hubby is a dork, and I have come to discover and embrace my "inner dork". Dorks make for great husbands. Been married almost 30 years. Dorkarific!

  13. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Thanks for no reply about my diabetes situation.

  14. Anonymous...please see the post I made after this one--I made quite the response!

    Also, I can't reply to you personally if you don't leave me an email address!


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