Thursday, June 5, 2008

Breaking Out the Big D at Work

I don't want to make it a habit to blog while I'm working, at least not until I know it's cool, but I need your help today.

What have you guys done in your places of work to tell people about your diabetes? Do you send people a note? I work in a small office, and I'd like the co-workers I see on a regular basis to know about it. Our schedules kind of rotate, so many evenings I will only be in the office with one other person, and that person could change from day-to-day, so it seems important to give a subtle broadcast of info. I know some of you keep it to yourselves, and I know others tell everybody.

So what might I want to say? What's the best way to deliver the message? Help!

*frantic arm-waving*

*meatier blog post to follow later today, or maybe tomorrow...not to worry, it's fun!*


  1. The way I did it was just to say "did you know I diabetic?" and then answered my colleagues' questions. They know I've got to go to the doctor's sometimes (for my HBA1 etc) so I just tell them I'm going for my "diabetes blood tests" if they ask. I wouldn't be worried about telling people - it's not like saying you've got the plague now is it?!!

  2. HMMmmm, I say keep it causal and 2 the point, like Sam suggested. Cracking a few diabetes jokes always helps me.
    Hannah your a really great person.
    Smart, intelligent, cute, and a Simpson's afficionado to boot!
    What's not to like?

  3. I'm not really worried about doing it or not doing it, I think I'm really wondering what's a good way to go about doing it. :)

    Like, is it too much effort to go to each person and say it? Is it too impersonal to just send a mass email? There are literally 4 other people in my office, so I feel like all of them should at least be made aware of it, then I don't have to stop and say, "oh, yeah, I have diabetes" when they catch me testing at my post at the front desk. :P

    Thanks for your input so far!

  4. im all about just being super open and obvious about it, if possible, in a way that demonstrates its a natural, very common, part of my every day life (and that while some things about diabetes are a big deal/really hard, frequent blood tests and shots/pump boluses REALLY are not hard or a big deal at all).

    my favorite is test in a visible way. sometimes i dont say anything, some people will figure it out, sometiems i say something along the lines of, did you know im diabetic? or im diabetic, btw.


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