Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Meows

So in light of yesterday's more angsty post, today I'm feeling a bit better. My right leg seems to be back to normal, but I'm definitely going to ask about it at Wednesday's endo appointment. I also took a pic of my ankles so if they aren't that bad at appointment time, I can show Dr. Blackstone what happens and why it bothers me so much. I'm going to be proactive and get my problems dealt with properly this time.

Today I searched through boxes to try and find my marriage certificate. Note to any newlywed or about-to-be newlywed ladies out there (ahem, Kerri, Gina...), make sure you keep your marriage certificate somewhere where you ALWAYS remember where it is, even when you move. I'm trying to get a drivers' license here in PA, and they need to see social security card, current license from another state, birth certificate or passport and proof of address. Unfortunately, my Delaware license reflects my married name, and not the name on my birth certificate and previous PA license, so they want to see my marriage certificate. But where is it? What box is it in? I'll tell you what I did manage to find today: Nigel's Sega Dreamcast, Matt's skateboard helmet, a handful of books I've been meaning to read and a Fall Out Boy CD that I nearly forgot I owned, but no certificate yet. Sigh. I have to be close, I mean, Matt found the power cord for the printer, and we've only been searching for that for 5 months!

The weather is crappy today, and I'm jealous because Nigel has been in bed all day, snuggled up with his newest girlfriend. I mean, literally, all day. I'd be more than happy to spend all day canoodling with my husband, but he works normal business hours. Lucky Nigel just got switched to a 4-day work week. Not to worry, blogosphere, this new love interest has my approval. (You remember that crazy one from a while back, right?) But it's cold out today, and I want a twelve-hour snugglefest to call my own, dammit!

In the meantime, here's a video that I thought was adorable, but hey, if cats walking on treadmills isn't your cup of tea, you can feel free to ignore it:

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  1. Okay so we just watched that clip and laughed our heads off. (Apparently cats on treadmills ARE my cup of tea.) :)


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