Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Thank you, kind federal government, for the tax return. It was really just what we needed. Certainly, there are a lot of things that you do that I do not always agree with, but having some extra cash is great because finally, I can get that PA driver's license and get the car registered and inspected. Then I no longer have to worry about the fact that I've been driving around for 3 months on an expired DE tag. At least I'm insured in PA. Sigh.

No thanks to the state government of Delaware, to whom we owe 400 big ones. If you want to know what the disadvantage is to living in a state without sales tax, there you go.

Also, I have been able to buy myself some new clothes for the warmer weather. There are older clothes I'm just not fond of that I will be getting rid of in exchange, probably taking them down to the local thrift store as a donation. I am still searching for some good capri pants/bermudas.

I am also still shopping around for an even more elusive outfit than the interview outfit--the SECOND interview outfit. I already know I'll be having one for the interview I went on yesterday; the HR guy called and told me so. Yay! Exciting! However, I know I don't want to wear the same outfit I showed up in the first time. I'm just trying to find a different top to wear with my suit, maybe a skirt instead of my black pants. Hopefully this doesn't turn out to be as elusive as the previous outfit searches...you all remember the Christmas party dress search and the suit search.

I am getting back into a routine of going to Curves with regularity. I hope to work up to my previous best of three times a week, maybe building up to 4 or 5. I think it may be easier to go work out once I finally get a job because I can just stop by on my way home every day. Throw those sweats and sneaks in the backseat of my car. I don't really like obsessing about my body, but I know there are some lumpy bits in my thighs that go away if I work out regularly, and I know there are some steep blood sugars that also go away if I exercise. There are tons of good reasons to do it.

Spring has finally sprung around here. I'm in the mood to get some flowers and plant them. We have boxes along our deck and some space out front. Maybe this coming weekend.

My spirits are really lifted this week.

What good has spring done for you so far?


  1. I've noticed the simple pleasure of not wearing my heavy coats. Just that little bit of extra fabric weighed me down; I've felt so much lighter on my feet without it.

    Good luck on the interview!

  2. I love not having to wear a jacket now that spring has finally arrived. And I've been noticing a lot of trees are in bloom now & they look so happy. Our lilacs will be blooming any time now & then they will smells sooo good! I can't wait.

    Good luck with your interview. I hope you find something to wear to it.


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