Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Many Loves

So I was all, "Uhhhh I don't know what to post about today" until I read this post by Allison. I have decided to take on the challenge myself, so here it goes.

The rules: Make a list of your loves. The only catch? You can’t include a single person you know on your list. No “I love the way my husband laughs” or “I love hearing my little girl call for me.” It’ll be tough, I know. But this particular little exercise is about stripping away everyone who defines you and figuring out what you (not his partner; not their mother/daughter/sister/friend) love.

I love reading. If I go into a bookstore, I love the smell of all the new books. If I go into a library, I love the fact that it somehow brings me comfort. Back in elementary school, I would sneak extra books in so I could read them in between classwork assignments, and sometimes I'd even read them when I should have been paying attention to other things, like, say, a math lesson. I'm still not so good at math. I love magazines, websites, blogs.

I love writing. I love opening up a brand new notebook and putting something on paper, and if I run out of inspiration, sometimes I can find new inspiration by starting in a fresh notebook. I love being able to keep this blog. I love knowing that my words alone can make a difference. I love it when a good story comes together. I love poems that make the audience laugh, think and then laugh again.

I love a good drive with the windows open and/or the top down on a sunny day, whether I'm driving or not. I love going to cities and people watching there. I love being able to feel the vibe of a place I'm visiting. I'm a terrible swimmer, but I love the water. Sitting or walking by it seems so peaceful and refreshing. I love the relaxed feeling I get in a pool or a hot tub. I love looking at waterfalls. I love the beach. Maybe it's all because I'm an Aquarius?

I love the arts. Sure, you know that I love writing and reading, but I love the theater, music, museums. I love when an image has an impact on me. I love the amped-up feeling I get after seeing a really great play or musical. I love concerts--the energy, the music, the prime people watching, the dancing.

I love cute animals. Petting cats makes me happy. If I have a crappy day, I love going to the pet store and looking at the animals. Puppies, kittens, bunnies, guinea pigs...they can improve my outlook somehow. I love the zoo, too!

I love a great glucose reading. I love watching a great movie or a TV show. I love a delicious dinner, or lunch, or breakfast. I love going to diners. I love cream chipped beef on toast, which is apparently somewhat of a regional favorite in Pennsylvania. I love playing video games, even if I suck at them. I love a really great-fitting pair of pants or a particularly flippy skirt. I love wearing makeup, even though I don't always do it regularly, and I especially love a bright, crazy eye color or lipstick shade, but not in combination unless there's an 80's theme party or something. I love the smell of vanilla. I love lime-flavored anything.

I love Scrabble and Spades. I love hugs and helping others. I love coffee and tea. I love diet soda. I love string cheese. I love to laugh. I love taking pictures that others compliment. I love zines, even though I've never made one myself. I still love swingsets and sock puppets and stuffed animals.

I love having a big brain, and I love using it. I love writing meme posts sometimes so the readership can learn more about what makes me tick. I love so much more than I can fit in this meme right now!

So...what do you love?


  1. This was great! Thanks for participating. I definitely love learning about my fellow bloggers outside of just diabetes. :-)

  2. Like I told Allison, I loved this idea!

  3. This was cool. It was so nice getting to know you better.

    I'm gonna have to try this, too.

  4. i love reading this! isn't it FUN?

    and i'm so impressed that you know what creamed chipped beef on toast is! are you from central PA? (LOVE that stuff!)

  5. Pretty flipping awesome Hannah!
    I love it!


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