Monday, October 1, 2012

No D-Day 2012: About the Author

What better way to NOT talk about diabetes than to tell you a bunch of random facts you may or may not know about me, Hannah, the person!  Twenty things about me.  Enjoy.

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1.)  Yesterday (September 30) was my wedding anniversary.  Happy 6 years, Matt!

2.)  When I was a baby, lullabies made me cry.  My mom would have to sing "Buffalo Gals" or "Camptown Races" instead.

3.)  I met Matthew Caws from the band Nada Surf when I was wearing one of their t-shirts.  I was in Newark, Delaware at the time, and he crossed the street to say hello to me.  It was really nice, though at first I was not sure who I was talking to...though I did think he was pretty cute.

4.)  I am very much into anything with owls.  This guy hangs out on my bed.  His name is Sherman. He is comfortable enough in his owl-pillow masculinity to be pink.

5.)  If you think adding an apostrophe-S to a word makes it plural, I am totally judging you.  Two owl's sat on a tree branch.  Red car's are sporty.  NO NO NO.  Owls.  Cars.  Nothing here is belonging to an owl or a car!

6.)  I think lima beans are gross.  I am also not a fan of peas, but they are tolerable, especially if an ingredient in another dish.

7.)  I'm a natural blonde.  Although I've been a redhead for a decent amount of time in the past year.

8.)  I have a separate personal Twitter account. 

9.)  When I am feeling particularly blue, pictures of baby animals make me feel better. 

10.)  I'm still not entirely sure if I want kids

11.)  I write poetry, and I love competing in poetry slams

12.)  I wish I could wear high heels without my feet killing me.

13.)  I'm pretty sure there are some things about me which might shock or slightly offend my readership, therefore they are not for discussion here.

14.)  With that being said, if I'd ever get involved in a burlesque act (which I haven't), I have a couple of songs picked out.

15.)  I'd like to have a steampunk outfit. 

16.)  I love dance parties, but most especially if they are 80s themed.

17.)  In the past few years, I have fallen in love with Doctor Who. (At least reboot-onward Who.  I haven't watched any of the more classic episodes.  Also, Chris Eccleston doesn't get enough credit for being a decent Doctor, btw.) 

18.)  I am proud to have never seen an entire episode of Jersey Shore.  Clips airing on The Soup totally don't count.

19.)  I don't know who I will be for Halloween this year, though I do have a good party to attend on the 27th.

20.)  Fall is my favorite season, and I'm glad it's here.  My only complaint about it is that it's dark when I have to get up early.


  1. Thank you for your bit about apostrophes. People always want to call us the Lee's. And we're the Lees. But that looks weird. So then I say we're the Lee Family and then it feels like we're like the Hogan Family or the Partridge Family or some other mediocre sitcom family. So then I say to-hell-with-it-we're-the-crazy-people-at-the-end-of-the-cul-de-sac.

    Also, owls are cool.

  2. I fell in love with owls once I saw them being scratched. They're so cute!

    Hubby also is a big fan of Dr Who. Did you see the season finale???


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