Thursday, May 17, 2012

D-Blog Week, Day 4: Fantasy Diabetes Device!

I would like to thank my favorite ninja, George, for making me laugh this morning with his fantasy device.  Little did we know, maybe our pals at Skynet Google are creating the glasses of the future which we are seeking!

I can think of all kinds of "fantasy" devices, like a tubeless pump that holds 300 units, a device that checks your blood sugar without any kind of poking, something that will enable me to wear my pump without bulk or strapping it under my boobs.  These are the kinds of things we all wish for every day.  A working pancreas.  A closed loop system.  A cure.  A CGM sensor that doesn't cost a zillion dollars.

But I am thinking fantasy here, people.  Seeing as this is DORKabetic, let's get overly geeky for a second.

Introducing...Diabetes Navi
If you've played Legend of Zelda, you probably know Navi as that annoying little sprite who follows you everywhere.  "Hey!  Hey!  Listen!" she says.  "Look!" 

Diabetes Navi would follow you around, keeping you out of danger, alerting you to the Dexcom alarm you've been ignoring for 20 minutes, nudging you to bolus for your carbs.  She may get irritating after a while, but she might also save you a lot of hassle.  She'd intuitively know when that barista put sugar in your latte instead of Splenda, when those test strips have expired, when your insulin has baked in the hot sun.  "Look!"  Suddenly, you realize your vial is cloudy.  She'd be really helpful when the d-moms and dads can't always be around, or if you're really stubborn like me about checking alarms. 

Plus, wouldn't it just be cool to have a glowing orb with wings that follows you around, looking out for you wherever you go?

"Hey, look!"
"Whoa, a stray kitten needs my help!  Thanks, Diabetes Navi!"
"That drunk-looking dude behind me in line needs glucose tabs because he's actually having a hypo!"
"Look!  Look!"

Diabetes bonus: She's blue.

Geeky multiple-fandom bonus?  She can double as your golden snitch if you're into Quidditch.

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