Wednesday, May 16, 2012

D-Blog Week, Day 3: One Thing to Improve

So far, it seems every diabetes blogger out there has said the same thing today.  "What do you mean ONE thing to improve?  The list is endless!"

At first I thought that my one thing to improve is EVERYTHING!

But that seems like the easy way out, writing-wise.  So I shall roll the 20-sided die that resides in my brain and pick one thing.

I think today's big thing is logging numbers.  I could always improve on logging numbers.  I frequently say to myself, "I have all this technology and all of these fancy electronic bits at my service, I should barely have to write anything down!  I could just connect my meter/Dexcom/pump/cell phone and print and be done!"

So do I take a few minutes every week to upload my shit on any of the computers in my house?

Nope.  Or only if it's CDE or endo-visit time.

I realize it's just like letting the facts of my diabetes pass me by.  It's a terrible habit to develop.  It's one I'm constantly trying to work on.

Okay, that may be stretching it.  It's a habit I'm always intending to turn into a good one, then I lose motivation or get stuck or [insert other excuse here].

It makes me consider an iBGstar.  Or a Glooko.  Or some kind of iPhone app that I can just plug numbers into.  Do you have any logging secrets?  I would like to become a blood glucose lumberjack!  (Get it?  Logging?  *dodges the hook and runs offstage*)

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  1. i have no logging secrets, in fact it was a toss up between this and what i eventually wrote about for this prompt. also, lol lumberjack! :)


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