Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Big Blue Test Video Fundraiser

It's worth repeating, even if I mentioned it yesterday.  Go to YouTube and watch the Diabetes Hands Foundation's Big Blue Test video!  All you have to do is click that there link, watch the video, and insulin will be donated to children in need around the world.  It's less than two minutes, people.  What the heck are you waiting for?

Maybe you were expecting Wilford Brimley's Diabeetus Dance Mix?  Or the Diabetes Rap?  ("I'm a type 1, son!")

Oh, you were expecting a lengthy, introspective blog post?  Well so was I until Firefox ATE IT.  So...videos!  Watch them!  Happy NaBloPoMo/NaDiAwMo!


  1. Dorkabetic - you're awesome! Thanks so much for posting this video - twice no less - and making a huge difference in the diabetes community, as well kids in need of insulin. You rock!!!

  2. Thanks for passing this on and making a huge difference to people with diabetes. You're AMAZING!!!


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