Thursday, March 18, 2010

Everybody Just Dance!

Do you like to move it, move it? Is there groove in your heart? Are you finding that you can't, in fact, touch this?

If all of this applies to you, and you own a Wii console, you must definitely check out Just Dance, though I am beginning to think I am the only person on the web who gave a crap about this game in the first place. Let's check the reviews: - 2.0 out of 10

Gamespot - 5.5 (out of 10, I assume)

G4 TV - Didn't even bother reviewing it

Here's the scoop. If you're in it for points or really building up your skill levels, you might not find it here. You may just want to stick with the Dance Dance Revolution lineup. However, I for one am terrible at DDR. I don't think I have the eye-foot coordination. The same goes for Guitar Hero--I have real-life rhythm, but apparently I am lacking talent when that gets translated to button-pushing or jumping on a mat.

Just Dance makes it easy--you just mirror what the person on screen is doing. You get on up and dance to the music. Anyone who has a history of slumber party dance parties will understand the appeal of this game. Anyone who has watched music videos over and over in a sometimes futile effort to learn dance moves will understand the appeal of this game. (At this point your author takes a brief break from typing to practice her Lady Gaga Monster Claw dance.)

I'm sure the appeal is totally lost on hardcore gamers. This is the type of game you break out at a party when your friends are feeling a bit competitive and goofy. You hold the Wii-mote and you dance along with the screen. Kids can do it. Adults can do it. The dance moves themselves can be silly enough that no one can keep a straight face.

But my favorite aspect of this game? I love dancing. I have never taken a dance class in my life. I need more excercise, and by the time I've danced to 3 or 4 songs, I have done 15 or 20 minutes of cardio from the comfort of my living room. I am hoping they will make a Just Dance 2 with more songs on it. Yes, I can just put on music and dance, but the point of having a game means you at least are trying to beat your previous best score. Or you have set aside specific time to learn choreography. You could learn choreography from an aerobics or dance video, too, but with Just Dance, there is no annoying person telling you what to do. It's just you and your Wii, and in my case, also you singing along loudly and breathlessly to "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls.

I give this game 3 out of 5 Insulin Pumps.

What person with diabetes doesn't want a more fun way to incorporate some cardio into their week, even when she can't get outside?

But really, if you're going to call a game Just Dance, shouldn't you have the Lady Gaga song of the same name? "Who Let the Dogs Out" was a really poor substitute, Ubisoft. Come on, there had to be some C+C Music Factory track that would have fit the bill, or another 90's dance classic. Also, I think the warmup is too long and there's no option to exit it. But hey--it's a casual game. It's a workout. It's sleepover memories from my middle school years.

If Wii Fit is getting a bit tedious or you stink at DDR like I do, this is a suitable alternative, if you ask me. It's worth the $25 or $30 it's selling for these days. Rent it if you're a skeptic.

Then try to tell me you weren't trying to do the moves for Katy Perry's "Hot-n-Cold" when you heard it over the loudspeaker at the local watering hole.


  1. I love this game, too! We played it a lot New Year's Eve. I had a blast playing against my teenagers. (And winning!) You can really break a sweat with this game if you work it. Exercise doesn't have to be boring!

  2. Ummm you were TOTALLY not the only person who was excited for this game - I SOOOOO want it!!


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