Wednesday, May 21, 2008

KeyNote Speaking

About a week or so ago, I was contacted by a rep from AgaMatrix, makers of the WaveSense KeyNote glucose monitor. The aforementioned marketing rep is a reader of Dorkabetic and thought that I would be a great candidate to evaluate their product. I can't say no to a meter that is supposed to be really accurate and uses a smaller sample size than my current choice of meters.

The KeyNote sells internationally under a variety of brand names. Also, here in the States, if you sign up with Liberty Medical Supply, the free meter you receive is a Liberty-branded KeyNote, because Wilford Brimley is always reminding you to check your blood sugar and check it often.

I'm interested to find out if there are really any differences in the meters that I use. I tend to pick a brand and stick with it, because in my mind, sometimes glucose monitors are glucose monitors. I plan to update all of you readers on my experiences with the KeyNote as I have them. So far, my experience has involved pulling everything out of the UPS shipping box and looking at it. Already one thing has set this company apart in my mind--WaveSense packages their test strips in vials of 50, saving on packaging in a big way. Now if only some of the "big boy" companies would jump on that bandwagon...

In other news, I didn't get the awesome non-profit dream job, but it's okay. Next week I'll start at DeVry University, and it's a great job that pays well. The people who work there seem really nice also. It just feels great to finally be valued for my potential as an employee. Also, with the exception of a PA state inspection, all of the silliness involving my driver's license and my car registration is done as of today.

Lots of good things going on. If you see me walking, you might notice that extra spring in my step.


  1. I can see it from all the way over here!

    Boing! Boing! Boing!


  2. I'm not sure why you are excited about packages of 50 test strips? I found their packaging to be rather wasteful. They had 50 strips in 1 tube and only 1 tube per box. My Freestyle meters, on the other hand, have 50 strips in 1 tube and 2 tubes in each box.

  3. Scott--Whee!

    Amalas--I'm excited because I use a OneTouch, which has HUGE vials that only have 25 strips in them. Maybe the individual boxes for the KeyNote are a bit much--they could easily fit 2 containers into a box. Incidentally, One Touch charges twice as much for more packaging and fewer strips.


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